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Free hack TankCraft 3 cheats code list - gold, upgrade, speed up, promo ticket, crates, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. TankCraft 3 cheat world: dear commander, welcome to the frontline battlefield. We have to attack the dark legion, justice will win! Click on the open space to place the selected tank in the target area. You have learned to command resources! Continue to fight and completely eliminate the dark legion!
My base is an indestructible fortress, surrounded by solid walls. Please upgrade base to unlock more defense facilities.

TankCraft 3 hack

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Defense towers are unlocked. Let’s build a flame tower first and continue to fight for more steel. Now enter the news interface and click the discord button to join the discussion group. Contact the administrator to get diamonds for free. If you have any comments or suggestions, please fee free to contact us, your support will be highly appreciated.

TankCraft 3 cheats android, ios hack codes

TankCraft 3 hack relics
Units: Shotgun tank - fire multiple bullets with single shoot, powerful in close combat. Arrow tank - emit huge arrow and damage the enemy at a long distance. Machinegun tank - lightweight chariot equipped with heavy machine guns, capable of providing fast moving powerful firepower. Bomb tank - throw gunpowder buckets filled with potent explosives of amazing explosion.

TankCraft 3 wiki
Missle tank - launch missle to attack an enemy behind an obstacle. Shotgun machine - fire multiple bullets with single shoot, powerful in close combat. Engineering tank - can deploy a defensive turret in the battlefield to automatically attack the enemy. Rocket tank - equipped with advanced rocket launchers, capable of launching multiple rockets at a time. Armor tank - heavy armor machine has an iron curtain device that can reduce the damage suffered by nearby teammates. E-mag - equipped with an electromagnetic jammer to break the driving system of other tanks.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Cooperation is highly important for team battle.
  • Grab resources - collect 10 resources to start winning countdown.
  • Health - amount of damage that can be sustained.
  • Rocket - launching rocket to severely hurt enemy.
  • Open chest to get more tank pieces and gems.
  • Enter events: boss terminator, super richman, best missle tank, best flame machine. Rewards will be delivered to mailbox after event ends.

TankCraft 3 tips
    Tutorial TankCraft 3(wiki):
  • Gain victory stars and climb to top of the leaderboards, prove you’re the real clash master!
  • Hiding in the forest, attack the enemy, is an effective tactic!
  • In each battle, you will send up to 8 troop units to the battle field. Command them to attack enemy base, and win victory!

TankCraft 3 tutorial

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  • 2. 29oyQvuBEmqg2Ew - upgrade
  • 3. ypoUEptAGMY9v2f - crates
  • 4. h3rMbJ2V2kZcRMp - promo code
  • 5. QPvcgwKtBm8FEP5 - gold
  • 6. Rjsk3Y82DM2SoBy - speed up
  • 7. phiC5fVwH5tYJ35 - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. VvPn3NzWY2HkGMV - premium pack
  • 9. VgBQr5bR9d2vkRu - chest
  • 10. avTUlLBpymPmT0T - vip ticket

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