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Good afternoon major. I’m chief special agent, and i’ll be your handler for the coming months. First order of business, we have an important asset defecting to our side, and i need you to neutralize their pursuers. Meet them in Bethune, France. Make gem combinations that match your vehicles’ class colors for maximum damage. Matching gems of your vehicles’ colors also charges their tactic meters. Continue matching gems and using tactics to defeat the final enemy.

Tanks and Puzzles hack

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This battle is a little tougher, but we’ve got some new tricks up our sleeve. Press battle to begin. Match 4 gems to destroy a whole line of gems and do some massive damage. Destroy the remnants of the enemy platoon by matching gems and using tactics. Match 5 gems to create a wild gem. match the wild gem with two or more crystals of the same color to destroy a 3x3 area of diamonds around it and cause some epic damage.

Tanks and Puzzles cheats, hack codes

1. jnx4nU - level up
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3. haydUv - shard
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Welcome to your base! Select that empty plot to build an oil refinery. The oil refinery produces oil which is used to upgrade your base. Tap finish code to skip the build time. Any builds under 1 day are free. The oil refinery produces oil over time. Oil is used to construct and upgrade buildings. Now build a supply drop - produces supply which are used for upgrading vehicles Resources generate over time, so build a motor pool while we wait.
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Open the assemble menu to assemble tank shards. Iron grade is the lowest tank grade, select it now. YOu have all the required items, so to save time, tap the instant assemble cheat button to craft the item instantly. Wow, you got enough shards to unlock a new tank! Collect them now! unlock the tank to add it to your garage. Arrows on your tanks indicate if they are critical or ineffective us the enemy. Currently your tank destroyer is strong against the medium tank. Tap hack button any time to see all class advantages.

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Upgrading the HQ unlocks new areas to build it and increases building’s level caps. That’s basic training complete, go to missions to claim your rewards. Check missions for your next task and to get rewards for your progress.
Major, the invader lines are crumbling, and bombing by our air force has their defenses in disarray. If we strike quickly while they are disorganized, we may be able to draw out some of their forces so that our saboteurs can tinker with relative ease.
HjH3Ug - unlimited fuel
T5fUyr - vehicle stash coordinates: use stash coordinates to get new vehicles from loot
BW95Dt - shards
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