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Dear Samantha, I don't know when you might receive this letter, but if you're reading these words, our friends from the Quinoa tribe are in terrible distress. You are the only one who can help them! I implore you, go immediately to the Taonga Archipelago! This compass will show you the way. Foverev yours, Uncle Alan.

On shore at last! It's a miracle I didn't drown! That was one heck of a storm! The boat crashed against a reef, and now all of my luggage is at the bottom of the sea! I hope Uncle Alan is somewhere nearby. That's strange...The bungalow appears to be completely abandoned...I'll need to fix it - I don't want to spend the night outside, in the jungle! I could use these planks. And this rope too. I also need to chop sone leaves from the palm trees. Now I can fix the bugalow!

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hack Taonga Island Adventure Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Harvest the ripe wheat. Plant wheat on all the farm plots. Wheat grows fast in our climate. Don't forget to plant and harvest it. What a cute little chicken! It must be hungry to have come to us out of the jungle. Let's feed it! It's not a farm without some chickens. We need to restore the millstone to make chicken food. Tap your list of missions. Tap the Mission for details. Repair Uncle Alan's millstone, and we'll be able to make chicken food. Start producing chicken feed. Drag the Recipe to the workshop. Speed up the production process.

cheat Step #2: We got the feed! Let's give it to the chicken. Tap the chicken and drag the feed over it. Drag to Feed. Tap once more and speed up. The chicken laid an egg! You can sell valuable goods like chicken eggs to neighboring villages. Tap the order board. Select one of the villages on the map. The village sent us payment for the goods. You should complete orders to earn gold coins. Coins will be needed to purchase new workshops. Not the kitchen, though - you already have it! It just needs to be repaired.

code Step #3:The kitchen is ready for use! Start baking bread. Now you can cook food in the kitchen! Start baking bread. Drag the Recipe to the workshop. Food will give you enegry. Eat some bread in the bungalow!

Taonga Island Adventure Step #4: One mystery looks to be solved. Alan asked Taine to safekeep a Heavy key. We wouldn't figure out what it was for, but now I'm sure it's for this coffer! Shaman Taine lives on the Island of Toru Kai Tangata. You will need a boat to get to him. I retrieved your boat from the wreck site. We'll need wooden planks to fix it - those are crafted at the carpenter's workshop. Clear a spot for the carpenter's workshop on your island. After that, buy it at shop and build it!

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  • The key to Alan's coffer is kept by Shaman Taine on the Island of Toru Kai Tangata. We can visit him as soon as we patch up your boat. The planks that we need for the boat are crafted in the carpenter's workshop. Clear a spot for the workshop, then buy it at the shop and build it! Now start crafting planks at the carpenter's workshop.
  • We need to replace the shattered planks in your boat with new ones. Drag the Recipe to the workshop. Let's patch up your boat! The boat allows you to travel between tha islands of the Taonga Archipelago.
  • Animals turn into carved statues when they're out of capacity - inside, you'll find meet and feathers. Shaman Taine is the wisest person in all the Quinoa tribe. He lives on the outskirts of the village, right by the jungle.
  • The danger threatening our lands, though, is another matter. It is a sacred knowledge of the Quinoa tribe. When you are ready to become a part of our tribe, come find me. Then, I sahll conduct the initiation ritual! In order to learn the mysteries of our archipelago, you must first become a member of the Quinoa tribe. Come find me when you are ready for the initiation ritual.
  • Open the energy chest and get the energy you need to explore the wild jungle! The lemur ran towards the dragon fruit orchard that's veiled by the fog. For the fog to dissipate, you need to cut down plants and break down rocks right at its border. You can get through if you know the way. I would take you but mom asked be to pick some dragon fruits for dinner. Collect dragon fruits and give them to Tama.
  • We need to untangle all this to figure it out, but the ropes are so old that they're falling apart right in my hands. We should replace them with new ones! Build a sun dryer to dry some grass. I can then weave new ropes and fix this mysterious artifact.
  • Alan's coffer was hiding a mysterious object made of old ropes. To restore it, we'll need to build a sun dryer.
  • Grow your farm! You can purchase additional chickens, farm plots and fruit trees at the shop.
  • Give the herbalists from our villages food supplies for their expedition, and I will look for the most beautiful jungle flowers for you.
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