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Free hack Tap Tales cheats code list - rubies, level stones, gold, promo ticket, heroes, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Tap Tales cheat world: the kingdom of Krevas, located a place where the time and the location is unknown. Once a peaceful place, it started losing light because of Saint Vic who became a servant of the demons. The demon, Demtoy, created a door that connected to hell using Saint Vic’s powers. he gathered his loyal subjects and made Krevas a darker place. However, there were those who fought against the demons. They were the “ Grave keeper knights!” Join them and defeat Demtoy and Saint Vic. Victory is ours.

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I am looking for the one sword. Only Vereth’s sword can close the Hellgate that was opened by Demtoy. It is the tomb of a nameless Grave keeper knight that was buried in Trinity 500 years ago. My name is cheat-on. I am the senior knight of the Grave keeper knights. I’m on my way. I am the wisp that will join your adventures. Before we start the adventure you have to learn a couple things. You can receive gifts once you complete it.

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On top, you can see the current amount of coins, rubies, keys and level stones. You can increase the level of your heroes using coins. Evolve equipment and purchase special items using rubies. Collect or hack cheats keys and enter boss dungeons and receive a variety of items. Level stones are used to enhance heroes, but they can be retrieved anytime. Rewards you can obtain by clearing the area are displayed as icons. If you wish to see the information regarding the era, tap the icon. You can view the information in detail.

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Also, the heroes and monsters will fight continuously here. Heroes attack any monster without resting. it takes time to defeat all enemies. What if we increase the speed of battle? These buffs disappear once the duration runs out.
You’ve been wiped out because the enemies are too strong. Don’t worry, there are no penalties to revive. Once all heroes are wiped out they are revived back in stage 1 and gain temporary invincibility. To defeat the monsters we met previously, you need to increase the level of your heroes.

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