Cheats hack Tap Tap Civilization Idle code: auto clicker, gold, gems, animals, off ads, solar power codes Tap Tap Civilization Idle Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat Tap Tap Civilization Idle hack android, ios code

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Hack Tap Tap Civilization Idle: cheat List
purchase gold produced for 72 hours - use hack CFjuPY4He
auto clicker - enter pass 3D9HFldQl
game speed x10 - mWiXadc8C
gems x5000 - u5YuAVMjc
unlock animals - iopIORONC
off ads - LHWlNE6MY
Month Card x1 code - 4BwCf4R3m
upgrade cheat - nbIDhdpVd
solar power x500kkk - EaMfuGp3C
weekly gift bag x10 - nFD4pFI6J
secret combination - Ia0WtkhxU
level up - ZtObgNeud
ad pass ticket - 4QGnHgAGA
booster - UGdXP1Qf7
get bonus - w1CB1eY0A
special reward - 2rNbyAjvG
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Welcome, mighty Pharaoh. I am a secretary at your service. To carry out the construction, we need solar power and gold. First, how about you build a village and mine gold? A village generates gold, and it generates more gold as you upgrade it. You can check the required assignments and progress and receive a reward accordingly.
Tap Tap Civilization Idle Hack Basics
A Pyramid is a building that generates solar power and the goal to complete by collecting goods. There is enough gold and solar power! Click on the button to carry out the construction. The construction of the Pyramid took one step forward. At this pace, the magnificent construction will soon be completed. If there isn't enough gold, you can upgrade a village and increase gold production or use hac tools menu - enter cheats codes.
Hint & Tips
1. Animals give you gifts after a certain time.
2. Special buildings increase the solar power that the Pyramid generates considerably and have special abilities.
3. The Valley of the Kings bequeaths the blessing of the ancestors. Blessings generate solar power for a certain amount of time. Click on the button to receive the blessing.
4. Remember collect the reward from the trading ship.
5. Send a homing pigeon to a nearby city and get some supporting fund.
6. Don't forget, basic elements merge on the spot where you placed the last element. In the book of elements you can see all the elements you've discovered so far and their combinations.
DOG - the solar power gained from blessing increase 2 times. Giraffe - upgrading cost of villages and special buildings reduced by 2%. Horse - the Nile trading ship arrives 10% faster. Cat - 10% chance of providing goods 4 times. Elephant - gold produced by villages increase 2%. Crocodile -animals gift goods 10% faster.
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Tap Tap Civilization Idle Redeem gift code
1. c8oiIuwLQDD5aSn
2. k29Fle9PUaMeLoz
3. RlxbaBUTHwaiQId
4. x9tgbTg9qEeTyiz
5. e3JOIWK2X0V7eUq
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date27 September 2020
Last Modified27 September 2020
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