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On the land of Glory, the human kingdom of Varan was attacked by the demon king Guruul's subordinate Fire lord. King Varan was captured and imprison by the fire lord during the resistance, and his son prince Frog get rid of from the resistance with seriously behind, he ran to a village outside the Moon Forest without even realizing it and ended up falling on the ground unconsciously.
Your highness, your injury has been healed. For the kingdom of Varan, for your father, you must be strong. I will always be with you in the future, if you have any question, you can call me anytime. In order to rescue your father simple fighting skill are not enough. First go to the moonlight forest to find some subordinates of black wind, and i will teach you in actual battle.

Tap Arena cheats, hack codes

1. s58Kl14k - hero prayer
2. MSE995EG - gold coins
3. Enter JYoKIjwL - grade up
4. Pass boowV7q8 - star up
5. zUuFgt08 - gems crystal
6. Enter JQIQ6tn2 - treasure chest of varan
7. D0mKbDS3 - resources
8. kf0AJbWD - game speed up x10
9. csoAAdjO - auto clicker
10. tK9pbLRF - SSR hero
11. sDXfjVXe - gears
12. Pk6RGc5C - maximum upgrade

Controls: can you hear the music? Follow the rhythm of the music, hit combo to increase your damage. The higher of combo, the higher damage increase. The fire Lord snatched the eye of Varan, and his strength has greatly increased. You can’t defeat him alone. Let’s go to the prayer hall to pray, and recruit heroes to help you fight. Click on the prayer button, you can be able to pray, to recruit a hero from mainland to assist you.

Cheats Tap Arena Battle codes: Our prayer has received a response from the hero, summon him to fight together. Now you have new partner, first of all, we must run in your combat tacit understanding in the real combat, and then go to the Moonlight forest to find the subordinates of the Fire lord to defect them. Click the challenge button to start the battle.
The team has grown, and we need more resource equipment. Use hack tools - give the treasure chest of varan, which automatically collects resources and equipment where you have fought. We can open it regularly to get the items inside.

Tap Arena Hero tier list: Paladin - description: the sacred guard protects the temple of God and worships the power of light. Feature: a tank hero allows main hero to bear strong physical and magical attack, and reduces enemies' attack power. Access: prayer system, arena mall< cheat code.
Holy light girl - description: the girl is so powerful that controls your life and death. Feature: a healing hero can recover the health point to the hero with the least health point in the battle. Access: prayer system.
Elves King - description: the King of Elves, as free as the wind, pursues the most primitive vitality, which is a gift of nature. Feature: a support hero with life-stolen skill can increase the defense and physical attack of the whole team.
Quake - description: a natural leader, only wants to make the tribe stronger. Feature: a tank hero allows the main hero to bear higher magicall attack and resurrects one of the teammates.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Various equipments will drop during the battle.
  • 2. 4 star random hero will be given in the first hero prayer. 3 star main hero will be given when you challenge stage 2-30 successfully.
  • 3. Current tank's shield skills cannot coexist, please choose one to activate, this will effect main hero's defense preference.

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5. WFyur6Tww0PXeMD

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