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Catmander, our force of C.A.T.S agents are scattered all over the galaxy and we need them back! You must help us reunite them! Their powers are our only hope! Head through the portal to start. You’ll need to win battles to get agents back on our side. Master these three basics to make your teams unstoppable. Let’s begin...

Tap Cats Epic Card Battle hack

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Down is your first hero, Buffy. And Up is the enemy’s hero. You win by reducing the enemy hero’s health to 0. Drag Graffix into the battle to attack. Characters will attack each turn. Cats will attack the other hero unless there is an enemy opposite them. Reduce their health to 0 to knock them out. Let’s drag bandit into battle, he has a strong attack!

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Timer means that it takes one turn for him to attack. A higher timer usually means you’re dealing with more powerful cat. Now that you’ve warmed up let’s learn how to use skills. Some characters have skills that give them extra powers. Knuckleduster’s bulletproof skill protects him from one point of damage. Nancy has the skill pierce 1, her attack can’t be stopped by bulletproof.
Tap Cats Epic Card Battle wiki
Higher rarity cats have better stats and skills. Playing a hero with the right skills and stats is vital. Remember this!
Time to learn how to use our secret weapon: team powers. Icons show which team a cat belongs to. Drag 4 unique heroes from the same team into battle to activate a team power. Team power is boost attack, which raises the attack of one of your cats. Make sure you feed your heroes tuna regularly to make them stronger.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Playing more unique heroes from a team will further increase the effect of the team power.
  • Tap any character to view more details about their stats and skills.
  • The counter attack skill returns damage when this cat is attacked.
  • The heal skill restores the health of one random ally cat.
  • You can also tap nad hold on the screen to see behind your hand.

Tap Cats Epic Card Battle tips
Hack cheats tutorial Tap Cats Epic Card Battle(wiki):
Completing quests is the best way to earn experience and rewards.
The declaw skills lowers the attack of one random enemy cat.
The boost skill increases the attack of a random ally cat for one turn.
Your deck must have exactly 10 cats.
Looks like you hack some tuna to upgrade your cats.
Tap Cats Epic Card Battle tutorial

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