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It’s a fortune that we escaped successfully. But we can’t leave this place temporarily. Now let’s check surrounding environment. When the rescue capsule landed, the machine cat was affected by the impact and stopped working. It’s time to use the trick of repairing electronic products - restart! Return to the camp to detect the environment. Build a construction of residence. Click building to view the required resources. Build sheds to accommodate people. Consume food to recruit people (or use cheat codes). Avoid resource overflow increase storage limit.

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Fortunately, we have reach reserves of knowledge, now let’s search for a technology blueprint. Technology tree search complete, including daily life, foreign affairs. With this search result it’s not hard to develop rapidly.
Technologies: Logging - Teach people to use primitive tools to collect wood for building. Enable lumberjack to chop wood automatically. Enable woodcutter for sustainable timber producing.
Hand drill - fire gives people energy in three ways: warmness, brightness, and delicious grilled meat.
Quarrying - research ways to make simple quarrying tools so that your people can help collect stones.
Spear - sharpening the long wooden sticks os one of the most primitive melee weapons.
Quarrying - research ways to make simple quarrying tools so that your people can help collect stones.

Tap Civilization cheats, hack codes

View the conditions for entering the next era: Savage era - due to the failure of the spaceship, you are forced to land on this unfamiliar planet while traveling across the stars. Everything here is so primitive, the aborigines live of life of drinking blood, like the earth in ancient times. First, solve the problem of food and clothing. Recruit a few companions, everyone can look after one another. Survive in a corner of a strange planet.
Dawn era - the campfire and the smell of barbecue make the local residents worship you as a god. under the clear night sky, people dance around the campfire, and you, as if in the light of the fire, see the germination of a new civilization. Let your people master basic life skills. Build simple houses to withstand cold and wild animals. Use cheat codes. Settle down in a tiny area and start from scratch.
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Warehouse - in order to quickly transport wood and stones, the administrator designed the automatic system. Granary - large food storage. Shed - a simple one person tent. Build guardhouse to recruit spearman to gain land through battle. Cabin - build to increase population limit.
Skills: Babel fish - according to the knowledge base, putting the babel fish in your ear enables you to understand all languages immediately. Navigating log - repair the log so that you can record the track of the civilization’s development.

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