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The heroic prince was wounded by the evil dragon. Fortunately, he was finally saved by the archmage Ruth, but the prince lost his memory and partners/ He woke up in a village.
YOur royal Highness, you are finally awake, and most of the kingdom has fallen. You must save the people of the kingdom from the sea of suffering. But the flame lord is very powerful, click on the prayer to recruit partners to join the resistance team. Now let’s learn how to summon the new hero, and click on the hero system.

Taptap Warriors hack

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Click on the unit avatar. Now beat the subordinates of the fire lord with your new partner. Click ont he battle and go to fight. Choose your new character to go into the battle. Now you can put on the equipment you gained and improve your power. Click the equipment sheet again, and you can upgrade the level of equipment to improve the fighting power greatly. now you can upgrade the level of your heroes to gain more power. Click on the treasure chest button in the stage interface to receive your stage passing reward. Click on the treasure chest icon to get it.

Taptap Warriors cheats, hack codes

You have passed the stage 10 and you can click on the treasure chest button in the stage interface to receive your stage passing reward. Click on the treasure chest icon to get it. Put forth your best heroes to do battle in the ARENA. Reveal your unique strategy to the world! Watch them PK online in a multiplayer contest for glory!
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Characters: Paladin - the sacred guard protect s the temple of God and worships the power of light. Feature: a tank hero allows main hero to bear strong physical and magical attack, and reduces enemies’ attack power.
Holy light Girl - is so powerful that controls your life and death. A healing hero can recover the health point to the hero with the least health in the battle.
Storm queen - a support hero can increase the health points of all team members. It also can remove all harmful effects from teammates and all beneficial effects from enemies.

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