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Who could have predicted...that the Seeker of the Scion, as foretold in The Prophecy of Ilnur...Would be Reina? Solitary and wary of others, Reina would spend months at a time away from civilization. Unwilling to leave anything to chance, she would meticulously plan her hunts and never failed to capture her prey. Occasionally, she would travel to nearby villages to replenish supplies. Sometimes stopping by taverns for information and the odd game of chance. As cautions at cards as she was in the forest, she always came out ahead and any winnings she made bolstered the supplies for the extended journeys. On the Seventh Moon of the Crimson Leaf sheltering in an old mill Reina prepares to depart for the wilderness when she encounters something...unexpected. Outside, a lone figure holds in the small town Surrounded by ghouls risen from the earth itself. With desperation, he strikes down all that approach, but his strength is weakening. As he falters, will the Seeker answer the call?

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