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Tears of God Class: Knight - warrior of the battlefield with high resistance and great damage. Archer - who threatens enemies with his strong and swift ranged damage. Wizard - on the battlefield that with their magic fights the enemy and helps the party.

Game story: Byron empire full of blessing and prosperity. Princess "Zero" was finally born to the childless emperor Byron IV. Ares, the younger brother who coveted the emperor's place, is very angry at the birth of the princess. It disappears, after signing a contract with demons with forbidden magic. Ares, who appeared 20 years later, attacked Byron's castle with his demons. The emperor, who was attacked helplessly by demons, sacrificed himself and only the princess escaped.
Ares turns into a demon and begins killing the entire Byron empire.

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hack Tears of God Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Operating the virtual pad hero can move. It can be moved by touching the floor or by operating the virtual keyboard. There are monsters, so we need legendary weapon. Tap the cheat code button on the bag. I will tell you about the transformation. Open the bag, select a transformation call. If you use it, you get the transformation of skeleton spearman. It is essential in future battles.

cheat Step #2: For a quick attack, it's necessary a quick potion. Pick a quick potion. Use hack tools - You can increase your skills by strengthening your team. When strengthened, a fossil weapon or defense fossil is needed. We will provide you with upgraded gear and weapon upgrade stones, so try to strengthen them once. Enchanted stone - material that increases the weapon's enchanted phase. When using it, increases 1 phase.

code Step #3: God's tears are automatically enabled. It can be configured in 5 tiers. The more the blessing of God overlap, more skills are applied.

Tears of God Step #4: Energy bolt - explodes the energy bolt to attack. Mana shield - when health is below a certain level, being attacked consumes mana and not health. Brilliant blessing change mana for health and significantly increase maximum health.
7 tier transformation abilities: attack speed - 180%, speed of movement - 15%, launch speed - 30%, long distance damage - 10, defense - 10, reduces dmaage - 7. meze - +12%. resistance to meze - +15%.

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  • 1. Notes on cash purchases - in the case of products purchased in cash, cancellation is possible within 7 days after purchase, but it cannot be canceled if it is provided or used.
  • 2. Pet can be summoned at any time using the pet summon order.
  • 3. Buffs of God’s blessing, zero blessing are not consumed in the village.
  • 4. Tears of God Ranking growth - the character waiting to be eliminated is excluded from the ranking, if the status is canceled from the elimination it will be included in the ranking again.
  • 5. You can check the information of the items dropped from each guild when you hunt.
  • 6. Enables automatic use of potions in combat. There are two types of health recovery potions, and you can prioritize their use. Target button selection priority - when there is one or no target, press the target button to automatically select another character.
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