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Now you’re ready to handle your first unit. See glass jars? Each contains a different Temtem from all around the Archipelago. Digital unit are a very recent invention. They are very seldom found. From the fanciest to the humblest of Temtem, it is the tamer that makes all the difference. Take your pick. See which one you like the best. Take your time. The first Temtem is always an important moment for every tamer.

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Houchic - it is strong agains neutral and melee, but weak agains crystal. I brought it from my alma mater in Properton College. Crystle - it is strong against electric and mental, but weak agains fire and earth. I caught this one on the ashen plains of Tucma, near the amethyst barrens. Smazrr - is a melee Temtem. It is strong agains earth and crystal, but weak against mental. I won it in a pub brawl once in lochburg.

TemTem cheats, hack codes

Navigating the Archipelago: open the mao, and check the quest tracker for indication. Battle: using a technique and choose a target to execute it. Use LT to open the actions menu and select backpack. The prasine coast is dangerous. Remember to use a balm of you are in trouble. This is not an easy tour. Hold techniques - some techniques won’t be ready until after a certain nu,ber of turns have passed. Some techniques can raise or lower stats, changing them permanently during the battle.
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Select the backpack and use a temcard to try to capture the temtem. Choose the swap icon to swap your active hero for a benched one. A vial of Temessence, enough to heal your whole squad. Replenish at thealtem machines and by certain characters. It contains a single dose. Revive - miracle potion, potent enough to bring back a knocked out temtem. Revives with 50% HP and stamina.

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