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The land of illusion - a place where not even the gods are absolute. Legends say that those who find it shall have the truth bestowed upon them. You’re strong. Will your hado lead you down the path of destruction, or somewhere else? The king of Dragons, returned, and filled with rage. The blood soaked memory of a fearless elder dragon.

A wandering guardian who has left his past behind bound to the one who seeks to fulfill her vow to her deceased father. A queen obsessed with a power that’s been sealed. One with the strengths of human and demon. All search for their own truth. What lies in store? A false reality, or the truth they seek? Following the light illuminating the darkest depths unwittingly leads to judgment.
They have taken my advice, and are on their way. To the land of illusion. Yes, as you wish.


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The man walked through the harsh wasteland, the dust billowing around him. His name us Ryu - a born fighter determined to hone his talent by fighting the very best. Onward he walks, his eyes fixed firmly ahead.
His soul, however, was lost in its own kind of wasteland. The Satsui no Hado - a primal urge for destruction - beat at him tirelessly. He wanted, needed, to escape...
The storm was both sudden and violent, blasting Ryu from above as he trained. He looked up to see a dragon soar overhead as the wind from its wings tore through the air, ripping dead trees from their tired roots. Wicked claws gleaming, the dragon bellowed its defiant challenge.

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Reduce the enemy’s life to 0 to win. The unit on the board will begin its attack. Damaged the enemy hero equal to your attack. Enemy units counterattack when attacked. A soldiers is destroyed when it reaches 0 HP. Use your hero art against enemy units. Activates action card directly on the target. This card deals damage directly to enemy characters. When played triggered when using MP to summon a card from your hand or EX pocket. Does not trigger when summoned by other effects.
You can counter an action card with one of your own. In battle mode, you can battle against other players. Every ranked match win during the month helps increase your ranking. Aim for the top! In free matches, you can casually battle against other players. Test out your new decks here! In a room match, you battle against a specific player. Invite your friends to duke it out!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Unit skills: some abilities activate at certain times in battle. Abilities that activate on death will trigger when a unit's HP reaches 0 and it is sent to the graveyard.
  • Attack and HP: when taking down an enemy unit, it's important to consider how many attacks it will take. using a 2/4 unit to face a 2/5 unit is disadvantageous for you.
  • Your free match opponents are selected based on your previous free match results.
  • The colosseum - where you can enter grand prix for limited time elimination battles. You can enter one Grand Prix per day for free. Register your deck and take on the challenge.

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You can use edit deck to create your own unique decks.
YOu can use card list to check your cards and use souls hack to craft new ones.
Red elements include cards that boost attack strength and deal direct da,age to enemies.
After selecting a card, it can be placed in the highlighted area. If there are multiple highlighted areas, you can choose where to place it.
TEPPEN tutorial

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