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Greetings captain, i’m cheat-on. You remember Judgement day? When the power died, and the nukes started falling, and no one knew why the world was at war? Well, it started when this A.I. program called legion determined we were a threat, and sent terminators to hunt us down.
Our leader taught us to fight back against the machines, but now they’ve learned to disguise themselves as humans, so it’s hard to know who to trust. We need to recruit more survivors like you to aid the resistance, I’m putting you on a construction detail. Build a barracks.

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Barracks - a place to recruit and house soldiers. Upgrade to unlock more troop designations and increase recruitment speed. Food is getting scarce out there. Thanks to hydroponic farming we can grow enough to feed our people. Let’s build a hydroponic farm, upgrade to increase production output and capacity. The headquarters is the captain’s station. THe beating heart of our entire base. We should fortify it when we can. Np doubt this infirmary is going to save a lot of lives. Upgrade it to raise the maximum number of troops we can treat, and increase healing rates.

Terminator Dark Fate cheats, hack codes

Infirmary - heal your wounded soldiers here. Upgrade to raise the limit on maximum number of wounded and increase healing speed.
There are plenty of resources to be collected outside the base!Let’s send some of those new troops you’ve recruited to scavenge them and boost our supplies. We need to keep a low profile for now. Once we upgrade the base we can poke our heads above ground. Now that we’re outside the base, we can deploy your new troops on their first mission to gather resources.
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Build defense towers in the tower slots to prevent the machines from attacking your base. It’s a good idea to follow the captain’s suggestions for managing the base. Materials factory - produces and stores the basic parts, components, tools, and building materials needed by the resistance. Research lab - visit to research new tehnologies: resources, development, productivity, military, or defense.
You’ve leveled up and earned captain skill points, you can spend on captain skills to pave your way to victory! Tap each tab to switch between skills. Each type has multiple skills you can learn. Every captain employs their own tactics.

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Welcome to new android game! YOu’re lucky our squad was out on patrol and brought you in safe. Congrats on staying alive out there in the waste this long. Here’s your need to know regarding what went down on judgement day. An artificial intelligence programm cade called legion cheat came online and decided we were a threat. It took control and everything just stopped. No phones. No power. The planes fell from the sky. THe nukes flew and the world went to war. Millions died. Billions more when the food ran out. Then legion sent terminators to hunt us down, but our leader taught us how to sport them. Use cheat codes!
Now the machines have learned to disguise themselves, and infiltrate our ranks, so it’s hard to know who to trust. You’re welcome to stay as long as you earn your keep.
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