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Selected the faction: resistance or skynet. You may change it at any time using the reloading item. Commander, we lack ammo. You are granted acess to the construction protocols. Initiate ammunition depot construction. Ammunition depot – is responsible for providing the base with ammunition. Ammunition depots store the majority of Ammo for your base. Upgrading the depot increases the amount of ammo that can be stored and increases the speed that ammo can be refilled. Power plant – is responsible for providing energy to the base. Fuel depot – provides the base with fuel. Recucler – provides the base with materials. The conveyor provides information on available battle units and allows new units to be built. Upgrading a conveyor increases the maximum amount of units that can be produced at once.

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Optimize the speed of construction. Speed up construction for free if there are less than five minutes left until its completion. Operation completed successfully? The reward is waiting for you in the quests section. I've designed the most effective algorithm for base development and added guidelines in the quests section. Follow them to get a reward. Because of the attack of the resistance, we lost a part of strategic work. Conduct research, it will help develop your base infrastructure: aggressors, preparation, reconnaissance, military, economic. Recreator – resurrects units destroyed outside the base and enables the recovery of units damaged while protecting it.

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Construction – in order to gain influence in this dimension, you will need to develop your base's infrestructure. Commanders who research construction can speed up the development of specialized buildings to provide troops. Equipment, and various upgrades that can be used to vanquish any enemy. You can speed up this process for free if there are less than 5 minutes left until its completion. Commander, our army is not good enough for the current tasks. Construct the conveyir to start preparing your troops. Ion exchanger – provides the base with iridium. It also improves the speed at which new units are built.

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1. 7o41lIeek9 - fuel
2. DL0jUKhqSn - energy
3. EfCHwCESSo – gift pack
4. Wwtj6FzpCx - materials
5. rr1kXbPttC - iridium
6. ZLLaDfamcO - ammo
7. IfMeYEBJBk - dominance
8. iyiwPB2SJ2 – skill points

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