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Free cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), redeem pass. Terminator Resistance cheat list, hack: 1. d9GjsS4I - unlimited ammo
2. SoRR7qni - lockpick
3. Enter hack WAZoiqCO - unlock weapons
4. Pass aBHGdySO - credits
5. mQFSKYDu - skills
6. Enter npY0rdxS - reward box: medkit, metal scraps, chemicals, fabrics, electric parts, energy cells, explosives
7. 47Sy57zG - secret location
8. NzYgRZbR - no reload
9. IwHpe9uL - great gift pack 2020
Game wiki: Ultravision googles enable you to see enemies through walls and other solid objects within a limited radius. When in use, you cannot use weapons and your movement becomes slower. Press R3 to activate the ultravision googles. Detector indicator displays Skynet unit’s real time visual and auditory detection levels. When the indicator turns red the nearby enemies are aware of your presence.

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Crafting tables can be used to utilize gathered resources to craft a number of useful items such as; medkits, ammunition or explosives. To craft more afvanced items, you have to reach a required crafting skill level. To pick a lock you have to rotate the pin and , at the same time, try to turn the lock. The lock can be turned fully (90 degrees), only if you find the correct angle with your pin. Apart from the very easy locks, too many failed attempts will destroy the lockpick.

Terminator Resistance cheats, hack codes

Different stimulants can enhance your speed, toughness or reflexes for a short period of time. To use combat stimulants assign them to the defensive item slot and press password. Sticky bomb - remote detonation explosives. Plant multiple sticky bombs and trigger simultaneous explosions with a single detonator. Sound decoys emit a high frequency sound that attracts enemies in the area for a short period of time. To use the sound decoy, assign it to the offensive item slot in inventory and press R1 to throw it.

To hack Skynet devices you have to move your icon to the right side to the screen while avoiding firewalls. Reaching the middle line saves your progress. Every collision into a firewall will cost you one attempt points. Losing all attempt points means failure. The number of alloted attempt points depends on your hacking skill. Laser trap - with a sufficient explosives skill level you can temporarily disarm or even collect planted laser traps. Approach the laser trap and press codes once to temporarily disarm it.

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1 H1HgA9wl upgrade
2 I3gPO0eM level up
3 cVwd5IB7 coupon
4 91lvln5i promo code
5 hJboJEH8 gift box
6 5b4lE8BG gold coins
7 i6I6rBSH month card
8 oZRxmrvi premium pack
9 11SdefDF vip ticket

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