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Terra Dei cheat world: i am from the race of moserah, a race that guides the world and foretells the future. Now the fate of this land is in your hands. And i'm going to show you a wondrous story full of adventure and excitement.
In the year 1088 of the western calendar, a storm of magic currents swept across the entire land of Vyteris, eventually destroying the homeland of the humans. People had to leave and seek a new place to settle. After a long voyage across the ocean, the humans finally discovered a new continent with vast plains and fertile land. And those survived human gratefully named this continent Terra Dei.

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Battle: your formation with the legate is on the left and the razormane the right. Units on both sides release common attacks during each round, and the attacking target is the opposite unit. Mana increases at the beginning of each round, which can be used to release the Active Skill of heroes. It seems that you've already learned how to fight, but you won't get far on your own, thus you need more heroes. The tavern is where the heroes are.

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Tap recruit - there is a chance of obtaining stronger heroes in advanced recruitment. Obtain a rare hero or above after 10 times. You can modify your hero arrangement in formation. Put heroes with higher HP and DEF in the front row in order to protect your heroes in the back. If the attacking number of leagte becomes 1 - means he will attack first during each round. Scout - tap here to review the enemy formation. Press and hold an enemy unit to review its info.

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Hero can be advanced to green after all the parts become green. Hero advanced to green, blue and purple can respectively unlock a skill talent. Common campaign is the main way to get advancing materials. Advancement unlocks hero skill talents. Press and hold the unlocked skill talent to learn the details. Common and active skill of legate inflict extra damage to the attacking target and the target behind.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Purchased items can be found in your inventory. Hero upgrade shows the heroes attributes. It'll take forever upgrading one level after another. Upgrade your player level to claim level up rewards. Enter the invitation code from your friend, both parties get reward.

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Tutorial Terra Dei (wiki): advance material for parts can be obtained from common campaign and elite campaign. Yoou can get 3 stars in each stage, collect all stars of a chapter to obtain a treasure chest. You can add at most 20 cross service players as friends. The higher the guild members' activeness, the higher the guild activeness. Upgrade the quality of the 6 parts to advance hero's quality.

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