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You control a corporation whose goal is to make Mars Earth-like enough to live freely on it. In order to win, you have to score the highest by: accumulating a good terraform rating (TR), accumulating as many victory points (VP) as possible. Terraform rating - each player starts at 20. You can increase your TR by increasing the goal parameters, or by playing certain cards. Victory points are earned by playing certain cards, placing tiles on Mars or claiming milestones and winning Awards.

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The game ends once all three global paramenters (temperature, oxygen and ocean) are maxed. Temperature reaches 8 C, oxygen reaches 14%, 9 oceans are placed. Global parameters are shared amongst all players. Raising a global parameter can also give an immediate bonus to the player that increased it. The first Global parameter is oceans. You raise the ocean level by placing an Ocean tile on the planet. You need to place 9 in total. The next GP is Oxygen. You raise the oxygen level by placing greenery tiles on the planet, or with certain cards. You need to increase the oxygen by 14%. When you reach 8%, you increase the temperature for free. The last Global parameter is temperature. You raise the temperature level with certain actions and cards. You nee to increase the temperature from -30 to 8 C, in steps of 2 C. When you reach -24C and -20C, you increase your heat production. Reaching 0C allows you to place a free ocean.

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The game is divided into Generations. You get new project cards at the beginning of each generation, and resources at the end of each generation. A generation is divided into the following steps: Player order phase, research, action, production phase. The first phase is the player order phase. In this phase, the first player becomes the last, and all other players move up by 1 place. Next comes the research phase. During this phase, you can buy new project cards or use cheat codes. Once all players have bought their cards, you enter the action phase. In this phase, you use your hack tools, resources to perform as many actions as you want to increase your score and terraform mars.
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Board - the bottom row indicates your current resources. You use these resources to perform the various actions of the game. Above, in the brown boxes, you have your resource production. At the end of every generation, you gain this amount of resources. The first resource is mega credits. This is the general currency for buying and playing project card and using standard projects. At the beginning of each generation, you gain your terraform rating plus your Mega credits production in MC resource.
You can perform up to 2 actions per turn, after which it becomes your opponent’s turn. If you can no longer perform an action, or do not wish to perform one, select the pass button. If you’ve already played one action, you can skip. If you’ve played two actions, you have to end your turn. Your turn ends, but you can play again once all remaining players have finished their turns. If you haven’t played an action yet, you can pss. You will no longer be able to play until every player passes and the generation ends.

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Oceans can be placed on any designated spot on Mars. Ocean tiles are not owned by a player once placed. You increase your terraform rating by one for placing an ocean. Any tile that is later placed next to an Ocean grants a bonus 2 Mega credit. You can gain resources as a placement bonus by placing a tile in a particular position.
Placing a greenery allows you to increase the oxygen level. If that is possible, you also increase your terraform rating. You can place greeneries even if the maximum Oxygen level is reached. Greeneries have to be placed next to another tile you own, if possible. Each greenery you own gives you one victory point at the end of the game. pVaQGw - supply box
e4GWmf - treasure chest
gj8wFh - multiplayer
ACwiv7 - vip status
1nGhIh - star tokens
Hack W8xcQu - artifacts
Cheat 9esnk3 - evade
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