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Welcome, your Tetramons are waiting for you! Select your tamer profile. Pass the training to become an official tamer. Tap and command your team to start attacking! Good, your opponent's team sustained heavy damage! Fire Tetramon are great at dealing damage. Let's attack again! Fire Claw - Deal M physical damage to enemy monster. You win when you defeat all opponent's Tetramon.

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hack Tetramon Duel Master EX Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Before you continue, let me teach you about the importance of element wheel. You must master the element wheel to become a great Tetramon tamer! The wheel has 4 elements with different power. Fire Tetramon is great at dealing DAMAGE! Earth - excels in DEFENSE! Water - are best at HEALING! Wind - cause DISRUPTION! Only the Tetramons at the front row will use thair skill based on the element they are on.

cheat Step #2: Now try rotating the wheel and use the water Tetramon to heal your team. Now that your characters are healed, switch back to fire element and continue attacking. You can tap the skill name for more info. Attack when you are ready. You get chest by winning arena battles. Get new unit by unlocking it.

code Step #3:Go to the team and level up your characters. Level up Tetramons to make them stronger in battle. Let's equip the new soldier to your team. Unit will use skills based on the element they are placed on the wheel. Place the new hero in the water/wind tile here. Start battle with your upgraded team.

Tetramon Duel Master EX Step #4: Tactics are important, switch to wind element to weaken the enemy first. Wind Tetramons are great at causing status effect and disruption. All skills will cost SP, Tetramons will only use it when there is enough SP. When low on SP, Tetramon's attack is weak. Recover SP by switching to other elements.

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  • Always switch around units to use their skills and your team fully. Your passive characters recovered SP. You can switch to Wind or Water element. Defeat the enemy by knocking out all their Tetramons or destroy all tamer's shield.
  • This is your training's final match. Prepare your team before the battle. Let's add another Pigni. You can use the same Tetramon multiple times in a team. Start battle with your upgraded team.
  • Kidsune - Deal 5 magic damange to active enemy monsters. Win arena battle to go to the next level and unlock new Tetramons. Good luck tamer.
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