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Hi, in teamfight tactics, you’ll build a team of champions to battle for you. Become the last one standing to win. Let’s grab your first champion from the carousel. Tap on the ground to move me. When i touch a champ, i’ll pick it up! Tp play a champion, drag it from the bench and drop on the board. Champions fight automatically. First hero has two traits, inferno and summoner. Let’s build an inferno team. Buy Zyra, by a second copy too. Add a Zyra to your team by dragging her to the board!

TFT Teamfight Tactics hack

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Left side area shows the traits of your team. We need to play 3 unique infernos to activate the trait bonus. Buy Varus - this champ has the inferno trait! Diana is also inferno, buy her! You can replace any hero on the board with another one. Get 3 different infernos on the board! Remember to close the shop so you can see the battle. The inferno trait bonus is activated! Inferno champions burn the ground now. Tap the trai to learn more: inferno critical hits and spell damage burns the ground beneath the target, dealing a percentage of that spell’s pre-mitigation damage over 4 seconds.

TFT Teamfight Tactics cheats, hack codes

Combining 3 copies of a champ will make them more powerful. Buy one more Zyra to create a 2 star! Now, buy all the infernos that you see! Every player has a little legend, like me! When you win a round, you deal damage to the other player’s little legend. Rare champions are more powerful Kindred also has 3 traits, including inferno! Use cheat code and take them free! We need a bigger team. Buy experience points (XP) to level up! Your level and team size is now 4, so let’s add Kindred to your team! Whoa, check it out! Because Kindred and Varus are rangers, you have activated the ranger trait bonus too!
TFT Teamfight Tactics wiki
Champs in the shop are pulled randomly from a shared pool. There’s no inferno! Let’s pay to try again use refresh! Buy any heroes you want. I hope you found a champion or two that can star-up. We’re all taking turns to pick a free champion. THe lowest - health players go first. When the barrier comes down, you can tap the ground to move me. We don’t need this hero? To sell, drag and drop it on either one of the bottom corners. When you sell a champion with an item on it, you always get the item back.

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