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Tharsis Game story: welcome to the Iktomi. This briefing will give you a basic understanding needed to ensure the safety and success of our mission - to research the anomaly on Mars. Above all else, it is your job to keep the ship and the crew functional and well. We don’t know what to expect from Tharsis, so we have to be at our best once we make planetfall. Regular maintenance keeps our ship in good working order. Performing maintenance tasks is done by using a crew member’s dice to combat any problems that arise.

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Mapiya Musgrave only has 1 die; it’s unclear if she can fix either Event on her own. J.Cross will have to. Move Cross to flight control, since that event can cause damage to the Iktomi. Select Cross’ portrait then navigate to flight control and select deploy to move cross into the module. The Iktomi’s hull integrity and impending damage causes by Events are visible on your HIUD in the upper left. Don’t let this run out, or we’re all dead. In the middle HUD, you’ll notice how much work has to be done to repair an event. Work is done by placing dice into the repair slot.

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Roll the dice now, then select and place them in the repair slot to fix the problem. Now select “finish deployment” to end J.Cross’ turn. Since Musgrave is low on dice, let’s use the life support module to get her some more. Select Musgrave’s portrait, then navigate to life support and select deploy. Each module has an ability that can help the ship of the crew. Using module abilites is handled similarly to fixing problems on the ship. Each module ability requires a die of a specific value be used. Note the iconography to see which dice are valid. Roll now, and place a die in the module ability spot to replenish some of Musgrave’s dice.
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Each module will help the crew in a different way. Learn how to use module abilities to increase our mission’s chance of success. Now that everyone has finished with their tasks, the remaining active events will play out. If J.Cross hadn’t fixed the event in flight control, it would have caused damage to the ship’s hull at this time. There are severa; types of Events including those that cause harm to the crew, reduce the crew’s dice, deplete resources, damage the Iktomi, or cause Module systems to fail. Learning which events to let carry over from turn to turn will greatly increase your likelihood of success.

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