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The funeral is over. You get back into the house - or rather, the ruined shed you used to call home. Uncle Jack abruptly sits down on an old, squeaky chair and pouts his lips in a cheecky manner. The circus, as Jack called it, consists of a couple of rusty stands and an old, ruined big top has not been used in twenty years. Hard to believe that him and uncle Jack used to be the most famous performers in America. Three very smelly and very ragged artists, who look as if they had spent the last couple of years in a basement, stare at you intensely with barely confined, disturbing excitement in their eyes. Come on, boy! Years of watching your father and I, you must've picked up something! You know this will be one big disaster. But hey - one quick show and they will leave you in peace. These your Artists - up to three can perform a single Show.

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