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Welcome to the police department, detective. We’re excited to have your skills added to the force. We already a case for you, but first we need to complete your profile: choose a profile picture and enter your name.
New case assigned: homicide/ Maureen Royale - a woman has been stabbed in a hotel lobby. Time is running out to find her killer. Go to your precinct HQ - start and finish cases here. Talk to the chief:
- The chief: “I didn’t pick you for my team, to be on your phone. We’ve got a killer on the loose. I need results, dammit! Who knows, they might be thinking of killing again.”
- You:” I know they are”
- The chief: “How?”
- You: “because.. i think they just messaged my phone. Taunting me.”
- The chief: “The killer’s laughing at us. We have to do something! Get back to the case board. All the case clues are there. We’ve gathered a lot of clues and suspects already. Look over each one and figure out where to go next.”

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Open cases:
  • Clue:
    • Blood - the killer would have been covered in blood.
    • Defense - the defensive wounds on the victim suggest the killer was too weak to overpower them.
    • Victim's cross - the victim's crucifix was missing.
    • Red car - a red 76 pontiac with Kansas plates was seen at the crime scene.
  • Suspect:
    • Caprice Gershwitz - Lawyer from Canada. Knew the victim from church. Jad scratches on forearms.
    • Bentley Kline - hotel manager from Kansas. has a history of violence. Can bench press 300lbs.
    • Abel Leach - delivery boy from Florida. Faints at sight of blood. Has a broken arm.
  • Victim - Maureen< found stabbed in a hotel loby.

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The Badge hack multiplayer
You pull in at Caprice’s work and head towards the front desk. Then you see it - red car. Just like the one at the crime scene. Caprice Gershwitz is now you main suspect. better get forensics on this car.
You enter the precinct’s crime lab. There’s a severed hand on the work top. A pile of shotgun shells, covered in blood, and a mug of tea. DR. Boyard found traces of Marine gas oil on tyres. The type you find at the docks. Maybe our suspect ditched the murder weapon at the docks. Better get yourself a warrant and select the docks fast.

The Badge wiki
You’re in the court room when the judge enters. You see that the judge is Justice Blockmann. Your heart skinks. He has a reputation for liking an argument and disliking the police.

- Blockmann: “i’m confused. Why do you want a warrant to search the city docks?”
- You: “we could find the murder weapon there”
- Blockmann: “ Could? You could find the murder weapon? I need more than shoulda, woulda, coulda, detective! The city docks are a private enterprise. I can’t issue warrants based on assumptions. I will not be issuing a warrant for the city docks. Request denied.”
- You: “Please, your honor, this is our best lead. A woman is dead. The killer may strike again. I’m begging you. Please reconsider. For the sake of the city.” Justice liked that.
- Blockmann: “ You’re the new detective with the SAPD aren’t you? What makes you so sure you’ll even find something at the docks?”
- You:” Because i won’t give up till the killer is found.”
- Blockmann: “I like your spirit. I can tell i’ll be seeing a lot of you. But it takes more than spirit to save lives. I will grant your request for a warrant. But i’m instructing your Chief to assign you a detective partner to keep an eye on you.”

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Docks: you open container after container. Your phone vibrate in your pocket. Message received: "poor little detective, can’t find a killer. "
  • You search among the cranes at the dockside. They move on giant cog-like steel wheels. Something catches your eye underneath the cogs. Something's hiding there. YOu pull a plastic bag. And inside - knife. The knife used to stab the victim. There's still blood on it, let's get it to forensics.
  • Fingerprints were wiped, but not trace DNA. The DNA on the knife matches Caprice exactly.
  • Head back to the case board and present case!

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Tutorial The Badge(wiki):
  • Later at Caprice Gershwitz's office: You wals into a meeting Caprice is leading. She looks at you, enraged. She comes quietly and you escort her from the building. Case closed, badge received.
  • As you take her away to jail your phone vibrates in your pocket. Message received:”did you think i killed little Maureen? I sure would have, but Caprice got there first. You’ll have to be clever to find my bodies.”

The Badge tutorial

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