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The Chief Eye Of City cheat world: Chief, the myor's urgent interview with you may have something to do with your dispatch. The car is waiting for you downstairs. To day, i will reap the most shabby orders of my life, a chaotic city, a thin police station, an irresponsible predecessor. But i'm not worried about it, because what i do best is to solve all the problems, in any way. I belive, in this city we're going to have a lot of fun things. And that's why i'm here. So, let's get to work....

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Dear new director, welcome to Utopia. Utopia is a city with a long history and profound cultural heritage. In this city, Joyce Mansion is the iconic building of the city, which was built by the Joyce family, the largest family consortium in the city. The joyce family has an inseparable relationship with the city, and you have been in contact with them many times since. We have reason to believe that you provide the city of Utopia with good security, together with the city government to help citizens on the road to prosperity. We will accumulate wealth, our strength, our confidence, our culture will shine again on every citizen like the rising sun.

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This is the area of your jurisdiction, as you increase your ability to govern more places, the greater the ability to be responsible for the greater, come on, chief! The director's main job is to command the whole situation. Your officers are in position. Now go and select a police officer to investigate the case. The left and right sliders allow you to see the details of all the officers you currently have and send them to the police. The police officer chooses finish? Click action, go to the crime scene to collect the material evidence quickly.

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Every action (briefcase, hamburger, trophy, gold coins, cell phone and envelope) has its time. Remember to find all the items within the specified time to complete the task. The things you've just found are relevant to your next job. File - you can check the progress of existing cases here, or you can review the cases that have happened. Officer - this is the police station's police system, which details the capabilities and circumstances of each officer and makes it easy for you to view at any time.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: The backpack is your indispensable daily necessities. Hamburger is your lunch today. To be honest, it's better than you thought. There is no free lunch in the world. When you are short of energy, you can click "+" to buy food to replenish your physical strength (or hack cheats). When you complete the site search, you can get some gold coins and cahs for building a police station. The communication of primitive society depends on shouting. Now we e-mail to get in touch with each other. Now that you know the basic situation of the police station, you are already an independent chief. Now go and start your work.

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