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Free hack The Chosen Legions cheats code list - essence, level up, gold, promo ticket, food, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. The Chosen Legions cheat world: a thousand years of creation, undone in a day. For today, the sky itself crashes upon our hallowed grounds. As our realms break, and the seals shatter...Who, among you, will pick up the pieces?
Fire real soldiers, on the horizon! And they don’t look happy! A weak formation. My men will make quick work of this. I am cheat-on, of the Earth realm. A hammer, anvil and a steady hand are all i need.

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Aylin here - she’s from the Air realm, and she can attack from afar! Stay behind me Aylin and assault them from the back. i will shelter you from the enemy fire. use astral podium - the tree calls itself the beckoning Arbor. It whispers to prepare ourselves at the Podium, and to drink deep from its Elixirs. Elixirs grant experience.

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Skills: sacred river spirit - Encaria calls forth a water spirit to accompany all nearby allies in a wide area around her, healing them for 4% of their maximum health on each of their attacks for the next 5 seconds. Anointed tidespray bow - in addition to being healed, the water spirit will laso bless her allies with sanctified water that increases attack power. Hardend - all troops gain defense equal to 8% of leadership.

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Elemental abilities - learn and upgrade abilities in the elemental Sanctum. Strengthen your team - sometimes the enemies are just too powerful. Strengthen your team and come back! Troop tactics - find and improve battle plans and employ different tactics to enhance troops.

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  • Monthly pass - 30 day experience boost and gem delivery, plus a heroic essence for free!
    A heroic essence - it exudes a ringing, much like that tree. With this, the Arbor may be able to summon something! We should bring the heroic essence to the Arbor.
  • Elemental sanctum - a construct of the first war, forged by the Gods. Remnants of the vanguards’ magic still empowers those who come near the Sanctum.

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    Tutorial The Chosen Legions(wiki) :
  • Chaos among the immortal Gods has spilled into the mortal realms. Balance between the Legions of Fire, Earth, Water, Wind and Void have been shattered, and it’s up to you to restore order.
  • New levels, heroes, free essence, unlimited food and prmo code 2019.
  • Grand Legions is an action packed, card-collection strategy game, where hundreds of units clash on the battlegrounds of war.

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