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The Church in the Darkness has a story where the motives, belief, and actions of the preachers change every time you play. Based on the way you play and the choice you make, many different endings are possible.
1967 - the collective justice mission is established in Oakland California. Led by the Charismatic Isaac and Rebecca Walker, they preach a gospel of integration, equality, and socialism.
1975 - claiming persecution by the US government, the five hundred person congregation relocates to the jungles of South America.
1976 - communication between the mission and US relatives becomes strained, sometimes non-existent. Family members fear the worst about what is going on in the jungle. Isaac and Rebecca say they just want to be left alone.

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1977 - you infiltrate the camp to learn about the mission, find your nephew Alex, and see if he wants to leave.
Trespassers are not tolerated in freedom town. Your disguise is imperfect - avoid getting too close or guards will open fire. Find a better disguise if you can. Approach an unaware person from behind to do a lethal or non lethal takedown.
Alarm boxes can be used to disable an active alarm, or destroyed to stop anyone from setting off the alarm.

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When someone is knocked out, they will recover soon. Search them to take any weapons, stash them somewhere, or get away before they awake. Locate your nephew Alex in freedom town. Find someone who will help you or search desks for a map. Find Keeanne, she may help find Alex. She might be by the river, check your map.
The Church in the Darkness wiki
Search the white chapels to find “evidence of danger”. Check the markings on your map for where to find people.

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  • Townsperson - equip for a disguise - pass closer to people before they notice you.
  • Transistor radio - use to place on the ground and create a loud distraction wherever you are.
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  • Shotgun - fires a spread of projectiles for a short range.
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Choose a difficulty level: Interloper: easier - longer lasting visual queues show where guards and townspeople are looking.
You are less susceptible to gunfire. Infiltrator: regular - visual assistance shows where guards and townspeople are looking. Freedom Town is moderately armed.
Spy: harder - you don’t get to see where the guards are looking, and there are more of them.
Mole: hardest - no visual help for where your enemies are looking or when they are alert. One shit will take you out. The camp is heavily armed.
The Church in the Darkness tutorial

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