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Once upon a time, there was a blessed nation called Fairys. However, one day, a vile demon attacked the country. That devil, known as Sharud, used evil monsters and stole “Princess chris” away from Fairys. Imperial guard “Ares Knither” headed for the monster town, where Sharud was waiting, to save Chris...
Welcome to the world of Demon Crystal! Monsters suddenly attacked the peaceful Fairys kingdom. THis is the story of the nation’s strongest imperial guard, Ares, who challenges them to restore peace to Fairys and save Chris.

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This is a house, the stage for this game. In the house are hallways you can move through horizontally, and stairs you can move through vertically. Now then, please proceed with caution.
You got a key! The number of keys you have is displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can use a key to enter a dark room. Let’s open the door up ahead. Keep moving like this, and the door will automatically open.
The door has opened! The key will vanish when you open the door. Use keys like so to open the dark rooms and doors and proceed.

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You got a weapon item! The number of weapons you have is displayed in the screen’s upper right corner! Next, i will explain how to use weapons. By pressing “A” you can use weapons. Once you use a weapon, their number decreases by one. You can use up to the number of weapons you have.
You may find weapons lying around the house, use hack cheats codes, or obtain them from defeating enemies.
If you don’t have a weapon when you’re killed, you can supply yourself with fifteen weapons.
The Demon Crystal wiki
You found a big key on the upper floor. However, enemies are in your way. This enemy attacks with poison thread. Try defeating it without getting hit. Oh no! A flame hit you! Without armor, Ares will get hurt if you get hit by a flame.
YOu have defeated an enemy! various enemies will appear when you start the game. Each one has their own specialized movements and attacks. memorize enemy weaknesses and attack patterns and keep on defeating them.
You got a big key! Hear that loud noise? That was the exit appearing. You can leave the house by heading for the exit. THe big key will vanish once you leave the house.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • When a house is cleared, your remaining time is added to your score as a a bonus. Try aiming for a high score!
  • Something good can happen if you lose your weapons.
  • Ghosts can slip through fire. You can defeat them with a jewel.
  • Armor will get you through fire unscathed.
  • Watch out for the ninjas' shuriken.
  • Retrieve the big key without defeating enemies or taking anything.

The Demon Crystal tips
Hack cheats tutorial The Demon Crystal(wiki): You’re finally ready to embark on your adventure!
But before you do, a moment of your time, please. I shall explain the menu to you.
These are the final explanations, please read them carefully.
  • By pressing "+/-" during the game, the menu scree will appear. You can change the controls there. If you can't beat the stage no matter what, you can also quit from the menu.
  • By pressing "Y" during the game, you can view a list of the items you've acquired. You can check the descriptions of the items you've acquired.
  • When you get a game over, you can restart the game from where you left off. By selecting continue, you can start the game from any cleared house you please.
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The Demon Crystal tutorial

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