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Free hack The Evil Lair cheats code list - level up, characters, gold, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. The Evil Lair cheat world: masteries are your primary damage source. Leveling up masteries gives more damage and unlocks new perks. Click to level up the mastery. Perks allow you to get new masteries, abilities or unlock new game mechanics. Click to learn the perk. The flow - effects: aims automatically on the lowest difficulty level. You can use your abilities by using panel on the left.

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Abilities with green light are ready to be used by you. Click on the icon or use the hotkey to activate an ability. Abilities with blue light do not require any player interaction. Control panel on top right of the screen contains windows to help you configure your game flow. Be sure to check options this panel provides. This panel will grow along with your game progress.

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Skills: Heal - adds the heal ability restores health points. Ignition - adds the ignition ability, sets selected area on fire. Flame does not fade over time. Numismatics - adds the numismatics mastery. Learn this mastery to increase income from coins. Looting - increase amount of loot from monsters.

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Run away if you can’t win a fight. Lacking food is absolute normal, please carefully plan your resources. If you die, just restart over again. Reasonable use of doors and walking can avoid unnecessary injuries and strive for greater survival opportunities. Finding other characters in the hut can help you deal with monsters as well as exchanging thing.

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