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Cheat The Fifth Ark hack android, ios code

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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
The Fifth Ark Cheats
recruit x10 - use hack #athehWx95
10000 parts - enter pass #VpSUG6st9
500 stamina - #k4Xj6O40A
20x special pack - #E7q7nF9CF
10x appearance crate - #IJj6dI7uc
rebirth - #3WgaJiHAe
1 Month Card code - #xM9rmJbAM
upgrade cheat - #KsT5Zklzr
module - #zcAUCjqJQ
premium weapon - #FouxWlYWx
secret combination - #1ZPZBXHdj
level up - #QDhNSpfGH
gears - #KkeYMyZlr
unlock heroes - #Mx3d8ROji
promote - #TnfmipuIV
booster - #SwH0xrOlc
special reward - #raDHXbn0p
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
The Fifth Ark Story
The federation plane suddenly lost control as it approached the outpost. And crashed into the outer walls. The massive explosion attracted hordes of zombies. If we cannot hold the breach, the outpost will fall. The turret has some issues from the impact of the aircraft. It needs to be repaired before it could be activated. There is a toolbox next to the turret. You can find some tools to repair the turret in it. Once the turret is repaired, the fence will open. We're now going to the defense area on the ground and stop the zombies with the help of the outpost.
The Fifth Ark Basics
We just received news that zombies made their way to the outpost after the crash. Please take charge of the situation. You must destroy all the zombies to recover this area.
We just got some hero EXP. It's an important item that can helo heroes to level up! You can still make manual moves during auto combat.
1. The supplies generated from offline production have a maximum limit. Don’t forget to collect them.
2. In trial by fire, there are stages specifically designed to test your ranged heroes.
3. Use the explosives in instances to take out groups of zombies.
4. Heroes with defensive skills will do better in survival trial.
5. Most of the features are reset at 5:00 every day!
6. You can select a hero to have a higher chance of recruiting that hero. Only valid for 1 recruits a day.
Patch Version
The Fifth Ark Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date14 September 2020
Last Modified14 September 2020
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