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I'm teach you how to equip skills. Use skill to destroy demons, depending on level, you'll have more skill slots, don't forget to equip. Arcanum can enhance skills. Arcanum brings slowdown effect. Can slow down movement speed and attack speed. Poison effect - can do damage over time effect from poison with certain chance. Bleed - can do damage over time from HP bleeding with certain chance. Electrocute - can do damage over time from shocking with certain chance. Collecting materials to receive special arcanum through normal craft.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Each arcanum, has level from D to SSS like equipment. The higher the level the higher the chance and damage will be. Try your best to receive stron special arcanum. Open chest collecting items and equipments. Your current equipments are too old. Equipment can grow other equipments.When you upgrade and choose adjuvant, chance to receive more stamina will increase. Create upgrade stone/shop/monster killing/ can receive dungeon rewards.
The Finder cheat, Step #2: If your equipment reach the maximum level, you can use upgrade stone to upgrade. You will receive growth point each time you level up. Click the attribute in equipment management to receive growth point. Able to receive new growth point. Click view details to confirm the attribute detail. Use growth point to manage self attribute. Each class has their own special attribute. If out growth point into power, can increase critical damage and attack.
The Finder code, Step #3: If put growth point into agility, can increase critical chance and attack speed. If put growth point into wisdom, can increase cooldown reduction. Into endurance - can increase defense and stamina. Also, attack cna be increase depends on each special attribute. Azure dragon: power/Black Tortoise: endurance?Vermillion bird: Agility/ White tiger: wisdom. If you want to use attribute after changing, click the enhance. Level up will get you more growth point. You’ll get stronger through fight more right? As expect, to become the best hero, training is your best way to do it.
The Finder hack tools, Step #4: When you create a character, all 4 classes can be activated green gem are shared currency. Do not need to pay for each character.
Knowledge about PK (steel bloodstone): when PK if a piece of blood stone is stolen by an opponent, if there in not bloodstone, will randomly steal the normal stone in the bag. You can buy the items that related bloodstone in shop.
Before you go defeating demons, will you use the talisman for increasing skill combat power? Each talisman cheat code has different effect. Use talisman hack tools depending on the situation. Can defeat more demons! Talisman is sold at shop.
The Finder hero can upgrade level of fighting quest. Can increase EXP and gold rewards following grade C>B>A>S. Upgrade first time for free, but the fee will increase 4 times.

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