Cheats hack The Game is Bugged code: pet, hero shard, cards chest, rubies, runestones, bloodstones codes The Game is Bugged Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat The Game is Bugged hack android, ios code

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Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
The Game is Bugged Cheats
item drop chance increased by 500% - use hack #4IC8wHo0C
pet shard x10 - enter pass #HhUw2l6Mn
universal cards chest x 10 - #pCZDNETQB
revive instantly - #GBPyuRxPs
unlock characters - #bFcSXvl43
100x hero shard - #Ps6Y3bE16
1 Month Card code - #wns5cyhPt
upgrade cheat - #8o7k9CfdO
500k gold coins - #rSDhh5rWe
1000 rubies - #R818hy1kA
secret combination - #f9cXBn3zf
level up - #InNSZq0kX
1000 runestones - #pq5DDMa5i
1000 bloodstones - #3u3P2D5sJ
off ads - #iGrKcc2o9
10 enhancement scroll - #vEDxfFJff
100 block - #AmoEA1l26
10 arena ticket - #08GyywxO6
10000 gems - #vNgboGPfn
special reward - #J5jeDNMbn
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The Game is Bugged Story
You guys were having some problems here recently, right? Because of that, players are not able to login to the game from reality. I'm here to fix the bugged regions one by one. Just as i suspected, people in here don't know that they are an NPC in a game.
Let's get serious about fixing the bugs by upgrading your characters. You can use the EXp potions and gold to level up.
To solve the problem, talk to the NPC with a green exclamation mark. To help the Grandpa, let's go kill some monsters.
The Game is Bugged Basics
You can enter the dungeon 5 times a day for free. Sweep is available after clearing a dungeon at least once. Entry limit is reset at midnight daily. You can obtain many pieces of equipment or character cards at the dungeon.
Your skills can be improved in the following ways: character enhancement; craft equipment, purchase item, draw chest. Evolving will increase the maximum limit for leveling up. You can equip obtained equipment. Using auto equip will help you save time.
1. You've already arrived at a different town. I'll tell you how you can earn more rewards. Let's acce[t some normal quests. To check the accepted normal quests, open up the missions window. You can complete up to 30 normal quests daily. Remember that.
2. 30 day ruby subscription - obtain 100 rubies instantly. Login and get 100 rubies everyday. 30 day fantastic stone subscription - get 100 runestones and bloodstones instantly.
3. Free stat enhancement - increases all stats for character in battle by 30%.
4. Depending on the character's evolution, there's a maximum level limit. Use the character cards and gold to create stronger character.
Patch Version
The Game is Bugged Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date15 September 2020
Last Modified15 September 2020
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