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. Android game The Greedy Maze cheat hack code - level up, gold coins, refine, upgrade, epic items, increase stats, skills, unlimited heatlh (New York, Unated state).

The upheaval chaos starts from here. After days and days of searching in darkness. Will I find the devil and end this chaos? This teleport portal scroll can help you return to the ground level! Active it by tapping the icon at the bottom action bar. Use the basic skill point at skill page. There are two skill categories: basic skill and magic skill. Magic skills can be unlocked after you level up basic skills. Attack – cause physical damage to enemy, increase 1% attack with each level up. Blood drink – according to the power to restore the proportion of health. Hard tamp – restore the proportion of health based on the physical damage created.

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 The Greedy Maze  –  secret cheats
Drag the item you want to buy into your inventory. Use the batch sell button to sell multiple items. Damage numbers in battle: white or red numbers represent physical damage. Purple numbers represent magic damage. You received a new gear? Open your inventory and gear up! You can also click the triange button at left bottom to rearrange your hotkey inventory. Through the enchant table, increase equipment attributes. Items you can bring back to the ground level.

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You can use another golden gear to upgrade the gear's attribute. It can increase the gear's attribyte. Gold plating table can turn one item into gold. Each gold plating table can only be used once. You can choose only one magic to learn from each stage. Press on a monster for seconds to check its information. It is always better to know enemies' weakness!

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1. 0b7GNfQ5pm – level up
2. Vcn08mTudU – gold coins
3. 931dyIWsAO - refine
4. d9rfffUSN2 - upgrade
5. uM0kQmPTUc – epic items
6. bF86QviejG – increase stats
7. 9Z1dZjCJuN - skills
8. mbSgTwrXYf – unlimited health

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