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Cheat The Infinite Black Garden hack android, ios code

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Hack The Infinite Black Garden: cheat List
CP x 10000 - use hack wETbul73E
stamina x1440 - enter pass Jvp8evFls
restore health - XwSXTT8i9 CP, BP, stamina SP, contract, Tohoku gacha, artifact
BP x 10000 - l6UjT6xCG
contract gacha x10 - XSYvuV3qd
Tohoku gacha series of 11 - INJFUylHH
Month Card x1 code - FIy1kGRyR
upgrade cheat - BbYkya2qH
artifact - e8gZT5luQ
weekly gift bag x10 - kIndmE29I
secret combination - BATb4yAg2
level up - CPtA1z2a6
happy event - 4a9z3c3av
get bonus - tZ5A0ofDO
special reward - hJ1ICoxOz
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
I’m the Slow demon king, game admin and last boss. I'm here to guide you. Player job is to support hero by playing the game. But from a game designer's perspective, you don't really have to train herom because we want the game to be balanced. Hero's level goes up when he defeats the enemy. His status will get stronger, and he doesn't need to be a hero if he can defeat the demon. Now go ahead and take your time playing the game, slowly. Touch "quests" at the bottom to let's challenge the first quest.
The Infinite Black Garden Hack Basics
The infinite dungeon is like an ultimate mode where the boss mobs from the main story appear randomly, and the more you beat them the more you can level up. There're still only two kinds of bosses. But as the story goes on there'll be more right? You gotta see the big picture! This is a training RPG. The point is to level up infinitely, so it you wanna feel invincible, go for it. If you lose, you can go back a stage or two, or level up and upgrade gear on a story map, and then try again.
Hint & Tips
1. To put it simply, support cards are like amulets that work just by carrying them. The first card to be distributed will show master standing with a disgusting look on his face.
2. Also, you can take three cards into combat and use them one at a time to gain effects during combat. At first there's no combat effects and the other effects are really minor. They've also added support card gacha, and our card might pop up too, so make sure you try rolling.
3. If you pull a duplicate from gacha then it will get stronger by +1 for each, just like characters. So just by carrying the card, you'll get an advantage in combat, so it won't go to waste.
4. SP is short for SCHWARZ points, but you can remember it as stamina points. You expend SP when moving on the world map, but they recover once very 30 minutes, and you can store up to a maximum of 1440 SP. So for example if you drop to zero, you can do nothing for about a month to store up the maximum amount.
World map & Combat
When you touch ground I you can then choose the target room so start by choosing training slime room. The yellow position at the top is a magic square you can touch to return to the base. If you touch any of the nearby monsters, then you will enter combat. You're free to return without defeating any enemies, but remember it will still cost you SP. Combat proceeds automatically in real time with enemies on the elft and allies on the right. For the allies, the green bar shows their HP. and they won't be able to take action any more when it reaches 0. The purple bar is MP, which is used for exerting stronger skills than normal attacks.
You'll gain the experience for any enemies you defeated. Also, do you see the three characters on the bottom right? This is where you can command them to use special skills. But you don't have to worry about that at first because there are only a few MP based skills and automatic combat is faster.
There's one more thing you can do, and this is the most important, so listen closely! Do you see the item box at the bottom left? When you touch a character, the items they can use will light up, so you can have the character use the item by touching it. Or you can touch the item you want to use and the cursor will highlight the characters who can use it, so touch the character to use the item.
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date29 September 2020
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