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The King Of Ocean How & Where enter cheats
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Game story
Captain, it's the coastline, we can see the land, home is in sight. Please tap on the "map" button at the top right corner to open the mini map. Please tap "London" on the opened map. We've gone to great trouble to get to London. Now let's learn how to sell the goods in the cabin. Please open Exchange, just tap the corresponding button. We have grape in our cargo, tap sell button to sell out. Look, our silver coin has increased. It's not very profitsable, but it's our first deal.
It's a profitsable trip, let's buy some goods in London as well, and ship to Bordeaux or other places, should also be able to make money.
The King Of Ocean Hack Basics
To buy and sell goods, you need to open "exchange". Only unlocked goods can be purchased. Currently in London, only cooper ores are unlocked. Please tap "buy". W.E. and N.E. are two different realm, one party's specialty goods can only be sold to the other party. The goods from both side's price difference is the profits, which is the source of our original accumulation.
Tap the "build ship" button at the bottom of the panel. Then tap "Yawl", the materials that the governor has just given us is for the yawl. Then tap "compose" button. Then we have a fresh new yawl, it's the first ship we have build ourselves. Now we have two ships, the capacity doubled, hurry up and buy some goods. The new ship is a gift from the governor, we should replay it, let's go to London and continue shipping cooper ore. Since we are from Bordeaux to London, it's better to buy two ships goods from Bordeaux and use cheat code - increase capacity.
The King Of Ocean Hint & Tips
1. The profits of the goods is also determined by the quality of the goods, the better the goods quality is, the higher the profits will be.
2. Each city has different types of specialties, and their quality is generally distinguished by color. According to the order of color, orange, purple, blue, green, white, the profits of goods is from high to low.
3. By the way, if you want to save time, you can select "teleport".
4. The copper ore and grapes we trade are all goods of white quality. If there are goods of higher quality, the profits will be relatively satisfactory.
5. There's one ship in our fleet that has not been appointed captain, if there's a captain, the fighting power cna be improved a lot. After we have a new captain, we need to appoint him to a new ship.
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