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Free hack The Last Crusaders cheats code list - stamina, summon stone, gold, promo ticket, event points, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. The Last Crusaders cheat world: the combat is automatic, build a team, focus on strategies, and watch how they play out! Choose “campaign”, campaign battles cost stamina, which regenerates by 1 every 5 minutes. Make sure the next stage is selected and tap “challenge” to continue your adventure. Forseti has joined your army! Drag him to a empty slot up there and add him to the team. His special trait, Royal order, can lend you some aids on the battlefields.

The Last Crusaders hack

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You have obtained 6 summon stones, and can now perform a summon. Tap summon code to recruit a new ally! You can assign tactics to your heroes. Tap “change” to start configuring them. Each unit can have up to 3 levels of attack priorities. There are various tactics to choose from. Switch them up and you may find previously difficult battles to be easily beatable.

The Last Crusaders cheats android, ios hack codes

The Last Crusaders hack relics
Gear reinforcement: reinforce a gear increases its base stats. Gear reinforcement costs silver and requires gears of same rarity as materials. Gears of different rarity can be reinforced to different quality level. A gear’s quality level can be tell from its item border. Characters: Aerlie - dragon protection:grants immunity to critical hit. Forseti - royal order: summons 2 royal archers when battle starts. The archers will retreat when Forseti dies. Mediss - veteran - grants +2% accuracy after each normal attack.

The Last Crusaders wiki
Rogues can equip bows, daggers, hoods, vests and shoes. Achieve goals to gain rewards and event points. Reach tiers with points to access even ,ore rewards. Different types of weapons swing at different paces, thus ultimate charge speed may vary. Summer’s shop (the market) can be freely restocked once every 5 hours.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Consume 2 units with the same name, at the same rarity to upgrade a hero's rarity.
  • Collect 50 hero tokens and summon the corresponding hero.
  • YOu have 3 free daily bonus run chances, don't miss out.
  • A weapon with the"raw" suffix has higher attack, but will make an ultimate charge slower.
  • Loot crate - obtained when player account levels up. Open to get various items.

The Last Crusaders tips
    Tutorial The Last Crusaders(wiki) :
  • Each hero has a unique trait that may be crucial in battle.
  • A gear with the "+" or "++" suffix has slightly boosted stats.
  • Your first talent tree reset is free of charge. Any following reset will cost gold.
  • Sages can equip staves, orbs, hats, robes and sandals.
  • Stamina regenerates one point every 5 minutes.
  • Casting ultimates requires charging, which is gained by normal attacks.

The Last Crusaders tutorial

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  • 1. QUGleAhadkXURFD - arena coins
  • 2. wFz5AezasgSMCmu - summon stone
  • 3. 3tjjaIeskiLqDZc - event points
  • 4. GVKegVRo50sXWyK - promo code
  • 5. tvSorYiKNlih2qf - stamina
  • 6. udzuqG9n8AVE2Kz - gold
  • 7. 37mDNZjabiqrmjk - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. Chp5enBOnAKudJv - premium pack
  • 9. TokmYzp3EYQ1oSG - chest
  • 10. ReEPapMMWDbkyNw - vip ticket

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