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Cheat code: steps #1-4
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Hint (tips & triks)
The Last Ninja Origin redeem codes

My lord, welcome back to the ninja world. Please follow me! Battle has begun, allow me to introduce you all. Right top corner - move sequence can be found here. Remember, the first in the row gets to move first. Kajuro’s energy is max out, hurry up and unleash the ultimate skill. Use pass #sgfreeW2 - enabled summon. It’s no longer a dream to eradicate the ninja world with hero expedition. Hurry up and summon new allies.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Capture land of higher level idling yield to gain ample experience and legendary gear. The higher the star level you can send a hero, the better the hero yield. Don’t equip gear for them that quick yet, go increase the level of Kajuro first. Rank up will unlock powerful hero skills and talent stats .Then don’t forget to enhance the gear.
cheat, Step #2: Follow stage advice, the road ahead is no longer confusing anymore! Complete main quest to gain experience, resources, and stats bonus, which is the best method to increase the strength. Now, please explore the game world freely! When you feel lost, make sure to follow main quest. Complete chapter to upgrade Omagatoki. Clearing map stage has a chance to gain treasure key.
The Last Ninja Origin code, Step #3: Use skills: rainstorm pear blossom - during the 2-4 turn, at the beginning of each turn, it will apply Vulnerable upon 2-3 enemy units additionally. Each stage increases damage taken by 10% (it can be stacked up to 3 stages) for 3 turns.
Step #4: Automatic combat - liberate your hands, the hero will get by easily through auto combat. Dungeon - challenge for ample hero talent materials. Power can also be used as experience to develop ninja heart, providing bonus stats for every hero. Upgrading ninja heart will increase stats for every hero. You can improve CE through collecting heroes and improving heroes.

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