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Upgrading an aptitude requires spending the corresponding enhancement scroll. The success rate and how much stat is improved for each rank are different. Getting sufficient aptitude EXP will let u=you upgrade an aptitude at 100% success rate! If you have questions, tap rules on the upper right. Main quest is important to your development. Just go on a quest when you have no idea what to do.

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!

Tap "campaign" on the map to challenge stages and earn civics and fame, as well as rewards. Tap Current battle area to view chapter list. Unlock new areas to see new chapters! Clear specified chapters to claim the progress reward below. When you have sufficient civics, tap the avatar on upper left to improve your nobility. Ladies - visit them and have heir! Intimacy affects heir's stats. Higher the intimacy, better the heir's stats. Charisma affects lady EXP gained in every random summon. Tap a lady to view her profile. Bestow gifts on a character to increase intimacy and charisma. Upgrade lady skill through EXP!
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