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Free hack The Royal Affairs cheats code list - speed up, promotion, skill points, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. The Royal Affairs cheat world: the people have been suffering for so long that they know nothing but hunger and pain. Still, today, rebellion is in the air. After running down corridors lined with rich carpets and decorated in gold leaf, you traces of the baron. The cowardly baron had run to his vault of treasures and was trying to take some valuables with him as he escaped. But all the heavy gold and jewels slowed him down, and you catch up to him. Although the battle was harsh, justice prevailed in the end.

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The barony is yours now. All hail the new baron. You have your loyal companions to assist. Fortun - i am well versed in tax administration, and can certainly help you there. Alan - assisted and lead the charge, he will continue to strengthen your military. Donatus - renowned for my scholarly bent, and will certainly ensure you know what you need to know. Lucian - let you know how your people are doing my lord, and assist you in the day to day. Baudoin - known for skills in diplomacy, and will communicate with other fiefdoms. Let’s begin with managing the realm.

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You can promote trade, improve farming and raise levy. Promote trade gives you gold, farming - grain. Raise levy costs grain, but gives you troops. Now let’s check out your knights and give them a level up. Your influence is largely based on your knights as their attributes adds to your influence. Knights’ attributes are affected by their level and their aptitude. You should level up your knights whenever possible. Knights have four aptitudes: military, scholastics, politics, charisma. They are affected by corresponding traits. Upgrading traits is the key to make your knights more powerful. Traits can be upgraded by traits scrolls, foilos, books. Success rate is based on the star level of the trait.

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As the new baron walks around the town, he approves seeing the towns people living their daily lives peacefully. Down a little alley, a thug has thrown a struggling maiden over his shoulder, and is about to run off with his accomplice. Under the wise governance of the lord, the people live and work in peace and contment, and trade is busy, showing a flourishing scene. In order to be more close to the people, you decided to lead the ministers and guards to tour.

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