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I think we have swept away by the waves. It had been bucketing down for days as you know. I guess it's flooded while we were fishing. I just wish others cats would be safe...Let's see if it's safe place. We could see better if we go up there. There's something like a rope over there. Let's climb up with that. Adventure begins. There's something across the bridge. I can't go through that bush. But there's no other way. Why don't we just clear it up? Look, some cats have lived here. Where are they now? I totally agree with you. And it doesn't seem like it had been flooded. Maybe we should look inside the island. Let's start from where the cats were.

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hack The Secret Of Cat Island Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): There's a sign of a fire there. I think it's going to work. You can cook, right? Started to get a little hungry as the search prolonged. Is there more red fruit they saw earlier? Let's collect more silvervine fruit for Nana and Muna. Suspicious Box - They found a strangely shaped wooden box during picking fruits in the woods. Let's see what's inside.

cheat Step #2: When was the last time they ate? Let's cook with the pumpkin they just picked up. Produce pumpkin soup 1 time. Why don't we make a table here? That's a good idea. Let's build it and enjoy the meal decently. The pumpkin soup is done. The sweet smell makes mouth water. Let's make a table and eat. Table - Regain energy by eating here.

code Step #3:How was it? You know it's been a long time since we have eaten. I feel like I have more energy now. How about building up that tent? Well... we might stay here much longer. All right, let's fix the tent and make room for the night. Fortunately, the island looks safe. How long do they stay here? Let's make a place to sleep while they're here.

The Secret Of Cat Island Step #4: Then we should take a closer look at the island. Muna, there's another bridge over there! Let's go together. Found other side of the island. Any clue would be there? Or, perhaps, other cats? Let's clear up the fallen log and cross the bridge.

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  • We should clear up this place while we are here. There must be something we can do with the resources we've collected so far. There is a small farm left in the ruins. Let's plant pumpkins and harvest them. There is a sawmill almost collapsed next to the farm. Let's repair the sawmill and make boards.
  • Nana doesn't like the old fences because Nana want's Muna's favorite place to be wonderful. Let's repair the old fences for Muna. Let's plant more pumpkins in the bigger farm they have. And get stuffed themselves with pumpkin soup.
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