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Free hack The Secret Order 7 cheats code list - credits, epic mode, gold, promo ticket, artifact, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. The Secret Order 7 cheat world: centuries ago, a dark creature called Odessa came to our world, enslaving people in every land where she appeared. Vast armies gathered to fight her, but she overcame them all. No one dared to oppose her. Until one day, a brave knight empowered by magical armaments managed to stab her. Her spirit was imprisoned in an almanac, which was then hidden in the depths of a cave to be forgotten. Until now...

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Hope you had a nice trip. Sorry to say, but an urgent call came in, and we need your help. You former classmate, Maggie cook, is working undercover. She informed us that the Dragon clan has unearthed a powerful magical almanac. They plan to use it for something terrible. There’s an artifact related to the almanac in your house. Find it, and see what you can figure out. An important note has been added to your diary. Open your diary to review your objectives.

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You can use hint if you get stuck. If will have to recharge afterwards. You can collect an item. Sometimes you can examine items when zoomed in on them. Use inventory items to interact with other characters or objects. Icon shows if there is a Morphing object in the scene. Blue items require additional steps to find. Collect the completed item. You can also choose pair matching minigame instead of hidden object puzzles. Select the tiles to open it, or tap to continue.

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