The Sinking City first part gameplay: map, dialoge, weapon, letter.

Find Letter from J. van der Berg:
Dear Mr. Charles Reed, as you requested, i've researched the outbursts of hysteria and visions in the city of Oakmont, Mass. It turns out that your assumptions were correct - such cases are indeed more frequent here. Men and women from across the country are drawn to Oakmont, haunted by visions similar of yours: a city drowning; the presence of something great, yet unknown.
As luck has it, i believe we have stumbled upon the source of your ailment - and the person who might help you with it. Prepare yourself, then come to Oakmont as soon as you can. I will meet you here to help you on your way. Cordially, Johannes van der Berg.
Find Weapon - hope i never have to use it, but something tells me i will.

The Sinking City dialog scene

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Gameplay dialog:
- At last, mr. Charles Reed! What a pleasure to finally meet you in the flesh!
- Nice to meet you, err..
- Johannes van der Berg, at your service! I did promise to meet you the moment you arrived.
- Ah, much obliged. I guess i didn't expect you to mean so literally.
- Please, call me Johannes. But where are my manners!? Welcome to the proud city of Oakmont! Alas, now is not its finest hour, though it is its most important.
- Reaching Oakmont was no easy task. Most maps i found didn't mark it, and this rickety packet ship is the only one that sailed here. Why is that?
- Oakmont is no ordinary place. Its unique geographical position and the Flood, a recent natural disaster, make it nigh impossible to reach! But you made it! I'm sure the tides of fate would have brought you here one way or another.
- Tell me about this Flood.
- It began six months ago. Stroms raged for several weeks, and the water has risen ever higher without receding. Now the city is cut off from the mainland. I must say, i rather like it, despite the inconvenience. Atmosphere, you know?
- That's an... eye - catching suit.
- Thank you, Mr. Reed. A mere flood is no excuse for one to abandon one's style.
- i take it you're a big fan of yellow...
- Well, i have a particular weakness for it. Call it a personal quirk.
- You said know someone who can help me with my...problem. The visions have been getting worse.
- Such vividness of dreams is not uncommon here in Oakmont. By chance, the man i spoke of, Robert Throgmorton, is already at the port. He has dedicated a lot of time and effort to investigate this issue. Alas, i fear he has a more pressing matter on his hands...
- How can i find Mr. Throgmorton?
- Don't worry, you can't miss him. he tends to... stand out from the crowd. A remarkable creature. Scion of a robust bloodline. A philanthropist, a scholar, and the patron of the famous Oakmont University. A man of great ambitions and even greater ego. Do not make him wait.
- I'll need a place to lay my head while i'm here. Any recommendations?
- Fear not, i've already feathered a nest for you. There's a room in your name at the Devil's Reef hotel. Here's the key. Don't judge a book by its cover, Mr. Reed.

The Sinking City map information: key evidence, marks, scenes.

Map: street names and districts are shown on the map from the beginning. Most other landmarks and points of interest have to be discovered:

The Sinking City: casebook, evidence information.

The casebook contains your main case, which reflects your overall story progress. You can work on more than one side case at the same time. Cases contain information about investigation in the form of evidence. Some pieces of evidence have icons that hint at what action to perform: dialog, use item, take a photo, search archives, search location.

Evidence contains crucial information about what to do and where to go next. To get evidence, interact with objects and people, combine clues in your mind palace, and take photos. A white frame in the camera viewfinder indicates if you are aiming correctly.

Read evidence closely to identify important locations, then pin it on the map to plan your route. Pin evidence on the HUD to keep track of your current goal. You can place evidence on the map and HUD from the casebook screen. how and where enter
Author: Solarios
Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US