The Sinking City first part gameplay: skills, retrocognition, evidence, deductions.

Robert Thogmorton dialog scene:
- I don't care about your petty excuses! No one leaves the port until my son is found, and that is final!
- Ahem. Excuse me, are you Robert Thogmorton?
- I am. But not interested. Go away!
- The name's Charles Reed. I'm a private investigator, just arrived from Boston. I was told you might be able to help me.
- Private investigator, you say? Well, perhaps we can help each other.
- I've heard you're the man to speak to about visions, outbreaks of hysteria. I'm trying to get ti the bottom of it myself.
- another newcomer with another problem! Yes, i know what you speak of. How dare you! My son Albert is missing and no one in this Innsmouther ridden city will do a damn thing! But yes, let's talk about your dreams!
- if i may ask, what happened to your son?
- Why do you care? What's your angle, outsider?

The Sinking City Robert Thogmorton dialog scene

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- Well, like i said, i'm a P.I. Finding people is kind of my specialty.
- is it? Well, Albert was part of a deep sea expedition i commissioned. This useless fool over here says he found Albert washed ashore in a lifeboat. Says he was barely conscious, out of his mind, talking gibberish in some other language. That he even tried to bite him. I know my Albert. I raised him strong, and smart... the best of his kind. It couldn't have been him. Albert's disappearance is the work of Innsmouthers, mark my words.
- Please forgive the question, but i've never met a man quite like you before.
- That's because no man measures up to the Throgmorton lineage. Proud and powerful blood flows through our veins. My father united with a certain royal family, which has blessed all our offspring with these exquisite features.
- I take it you're not the biggest fan of these innsmouthers?
- Those fish faced freaks have overrun this city since the police burnt Innsmouth to the ground. But now those filthy migrants occupy half of this damn city! The port, Grimhaven bay, Salvation Harbor, The shells - they are everywhere! They've taken work from the local fishermen, they stir and agitate against us. The Throgmorton family - we are the pillar of this community! Not to mention that crime rates have skyrocketed! Simply speaking they are a big stinking pile of trouble.
- mr. Throgmorton, let me help you. I'm rather good at tracking down missing people. I'll find Albert.
- What makes you think you can do it? Oakmont is not exactly friendly to new arrivals.
- Let's just say, i tend to see things that others miss. And anyway, what have you got to lose? Sounds like you could use every man you can get.
- Ve're. You have a point, newcomer.
- Sorry, did you just say "ve'ra"? What does that mean?
- You had better get used to the Oakmont dialect, outsider. That is, if you want to fit in. It is a fascinating blend. Ve'ra means "fine". I was saying we have a deal.

The Sinking City skills: combat, vigor, mind.


The Sinking City: retrocognition, evidence, deductions.

Retrocognition allows you to understand events that happened in the past. Inspect enough evidence on the scene, and a vision will emerge. Step into it an find all the critical scenes. Mark the scenes in chronological order to gain new evidence.

Investigation of main case reveals clues for your mind palace. Press to open the casebook, then switch to mind palace.
Combine pairs of relevant clues to get:
Evidence - crucial information for the case. It's added to the casebook.
Deductions - these explain nuances of the case. They are displayed in the mind palace. So,e deductions can be interpreted differently. This can lead to different conclusions. Discover all possible conclusions to fully understand the case, but it is up to you how to solve it. how and where enter
Author: Solarios
Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US