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Hack The Survivalists: cheat List
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Game Story
The last thing i can remember is the storm. But that was no ordinary storm. The sea turned rough, and all of a sudden i was surrounded by high waves and dark clouds! between the waves i could see some kind of green coloured portal open up, and now... here i am. But, where am i? Wherever i am, i need to survive! Perhaps i can craft something useful from the pebbles on this beach?
The Survivalists Hack Basics
In the profile tab you can customise your appearance by selecting hairstyles & facial accessories. Change the colour of your character's clothing and skin by pressing hero icon. You've collected a diary entry from another survivor. You can read this entry on the lore tab of your journal. You've receive your first treasure map! Treasure maps are tracked in the treasure maps tab within your journal. Find the location shown to uncover lost treasures.
You need to eat in order to avoid starvation.
You can add map markers to remind yourself where you found something cool or useful! To add a marker to the map tap it and select an icon.
Hint & Tips
1. Goods cna be transported over long distances using monkeys, by chaining delivery locations together.
2. THe more complicated food recipes give additional bonuses when eaten.
3. You can save the game at any point from the pause menu.
4. Monkey can use axes to chop down trees for you! Units will need a weapon to chop with. Select an item in your inventory, then go into monkey mimic mode and throw it to them with weapon. While the monkey is recording, attack a tree or bush using any weapon. While monkeys can use any weapon for chopping, axes are the most efficient weapon for chopping trees. Pickaxes are best for mining rock.
1. Looking for mud or sand? Use a shovel while in the grasslands or on the beach! Shoveling in the hotter, drier areas will uncover pebbles.
2. Select a blueprint to place down in blueprint mode. Once you have it in the desired position, press + to place it down. The blueprint can then be built after leaving blueprint mode.
3. A map of the world can be found on the map tab inside your journal. On the map tab you can place markers, which will appear on the mini map in the top right of the screen.
4. Cooked food will provide you with different benefits. SOme recipes will satisfy more of your hunger, others provide greater healing or even increase your maximum health and stamina. Food never expires in this place, so you can stockpile your kitchen creations.
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date12 October 2020
Last Modified12 October 2020
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