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The Wonder Stone cheat world: the enemy is approaching our castle. We'd better summon a guard to defend it. Drag and drop the unit onto the battlefield. I don't think it can fight them alone. Let me teach you how to summon stronger units. Add a series of cards of the same kind, and you can enhance your units up to 3 times. Now let's put what you've learned into practice. Round up the remaining enemies and win the battle.

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Oh, no we're getting attacked by more enemies than i thought! One of your forces died. I'm sorry. When your forces or the enemy's die, you'll get soul points. When your soul point gauge is full, you can use a hero skill. Let me help you with that, so you can support our troop. We've turned the tables on the enemy! The wonder stone is ready. Let's use it and obliterate the enemy while we've got the chance.

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Units: archer - the humans' basic ranged unit. Always moving in groups, these units use wooden bows to attack enemies from a distance. Spearman - a melee unit with enhanced offensive abilities. It swings a longspear, attacking 2 enemies, including those in the air, at the same time. Randolf - aknight master and the insightful and benevolent leader of the Humans. Employs the power of light and casts a protective spell that temporarily grants allies immunity to all damage.

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Lightning - summons lightining, damaging and stunning enemies for 2 seconds. Priest - a former priest, this supporter unit restores allies' HP and helps them fight. The only healing class of this race. Reaper - able to appear anywhere on the battlefield, this unit swings a gigantic sickle and attacks two units at the same time. Rogue - a light footed unit that boasts superb mobility. It quickly approaches enemies and swings it daggers at them , inflicting damage.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Every time you summon a unit, your wonder stone is charged. Let's sumon unit and fill up the wonder stone gauge. Wounder stones can enhance any cards. This is how you upgrade your cards and use them more strategically. I've told you everything you need to know about battle. Now, go conquer the enemy's castle and be victorious.

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Tutorial The Wonder Stone (wiki): Chests can be opened after a while, but you can spend jewels to open them right away. YOu can increase the new archer's level. Tap level up and improve the archer. Hack chest - recruit as many units as you can and create the strongest troop possible.

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