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- Gomez, our second honeymoon was terrifying! What a nice way to celebrate our anniversary!
- You are terrifying, mon amour. The locals in Transylvania were in awe of you!
- It’s such a hospitable country. They gave me free garlic, as if i’d be afraid of vampires.
- That’s marvelous, my love. But now that we’re home, the mansion and i have a surprise for you!
- But, but..What have you done, Gomez? Everyone is gone! Not a single thing is left in the Mansion... not even thing himself. It looks hideous...Horrible. Just like it did when we moved in!

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- Exactly! It’s like going back in time, don’t you think?
- Gomez, you’re a genius! This is the best anniversary present ever! Darling...Where have the children gone? I’ve looked everywhere, even in the graveyard! - The kids are in deathly peril, of course. I wouldn’t let our little devils get bored.
- Gomez! You’ve thought of everything!
- One more thing, Tish. Just let the Mansion know what you want, and your desire will be granted.
- But i’m a woman of gruesomely expensive taste!
- Of course you are, my dear! but merely name your request, and the mansion will make it happen!

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Desires instructions: collect items while you play. Check the family’s desires at any time. Grant their desires to earn coins. You can use your coins to decorate. Gold coins codes - IYZwRUt7Wh.
- now that the front door is open, we can come and go as we like. Perhaps we can take a walk together now, darling.
- not in this weather. It looks too pleasant. It’s not even raining toads!
- darling, i think someone just dropped a box at our door. Can you check?
- it’s a package marked Kooky box! Gomez.. another anniversary present?
- an anonymous package? It could contain any number of atrocities. We should open it at once! Opening that box gave me a strangely illicit thrill. If that’s the way you fell, let’s see if we can obtain more of them!
The Addams Family Mystery Mansion wiki
You are the mysterious mansion! Complete quests to level up. Play actions to obtain items and fulfill Desires. Unlock rooms in the mansion and make them kooky! Each level unlock more furniture, rooms and characters! Level up hack code - ZHiKe0iQn6.
Gomez quest: “Now that we have a second chance to decorate, i want our home to feel. Well, to feel more Addams than ever! Mansion, have you seen my suit of armor? It belonged to my great grand uncle Jimmy. He’d never forgive me if his greaves got rusty!”
Tish quest: “there’s something comforting about a bare, empty space. It;s like a blank canvas... that we can paint with unimaginable monstrosities! But one step at a time. Let’s make ourselves comfortable first, shall we?

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  • COLLECT all the characters from the upcoming movie by MGM
  • ENJOY the Addams Family’s charm and humor through our ORIGINAL STORY!
  • CRAFT spooky and funny items to meet the Family’s needs!
  • DECORATE and PERSONALIZE your Mystery Mansion!
  • EXPAND the house and unlock NEW CONTENT with every level!

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I never knew home furnishing could be such a gruesome experience. Crafting stations: get the required items through actions. Select the item you want to craft. Collect the item when it’s ready. Desires for crafted items give more addams coins.
The Addams Family Mystery Mansion tutorial

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