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You don't even know what farming is? A hoe is a tool farming. Then you plant the seeds and harvest. That's farming. See map? It shows the entire village, as well as the elder's house. And the arrow will show your location. If you lost your way, don't forget to check the map! GO see the village Elder at his Home. Tap the map button on the left to see where the Elder's house is! If you want to farm properly, you'll need a rake and a watering can, as well as your hoe. You can buy them from the shop.

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hack The Farm Sassy Princess Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):If you want to farm, you'll need farming tools and seeds. Good farming tools can help you use less HP and earn more experience. So. i'd suggest you to earn more Pam and buy better tools afterward! If you need tools or seeds, come back here (shop) anytime! But you'll have to bring Pam to buy the items. I'll buy tools and crops from you anytime.

cheat Step #2: Before you learn how to farm, you must first understand the screen interface. Let me explain: first, look to the blinking upper right section. That's the tool display - the tool that you can currently use will show up here. If you tap the OK button, you will use the tool needed for the situation.
Next, look to the screen's upper center. That's the status display. There you'll find today's date, character status, time, and experience.

code Step #3:See the HP gauge and the time gauge there? If your HP reaches 0 or if the time reaches midnight, you will fall asleep, even if you are not at home. So be careful. If you fall asleep outside of your home, you wake up the next day with less HP or might even oversleep, so you better be cautious! Now, let's get to farming!

The Farm Sassy Princess Step #4: You've just used your hoe to till the ground, right? Your hoe can turn the grassland and weeds into fertile soil. Tap on the OK button. You've done something similar, but this time, you used your rake and prepared the soil to plant your seeds. Tap on the OK button one more time! This time, you planted the seeds. These seeds will grow up and turn into a delicious crop! If you are out of seeds, you can buy them from the shop.
Now, tap OK button for the last time. This time, you watered your seeds. If you want to grow crops without killing them, don't forget to water the seeds every day.

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  • 1. Beast hack list:

    Reset Game Data - #JYUeFd38D
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    Adept Farmer Package - #Pel4ljpnZ

    Intermediate Farmer Package - #DwlCIXeNj

  • 2. You need to be patient to grow the crops. It’ll take a few days for your crops to grow, but if you forget to give them water, the crops will wither and die.
  • 3. If your watering can is empty, you need to fill it up from the well next to you. Just walk over and tap OK to fill the can. You can make your farm anywhere, but if you want easier way, i’d suggest you to make your farmlands near your home and the well.
  • 4. Such a fine dress is not suitable for farm works. If you go to the dress shop, you can find some clothes more appropriate for farming. Clothes from shop can enhance your STR, INT, and LUK required for farming.
  • 5. Plant your crops close to your home and well to take better care of them.
  • 6. Just put the crops you want to sell in the wooden box at the lower right side of your farm. Hero will come by on the 7/14/21/28th of each month and buy them all for a good price! I've marked the target amount you need to achieve before next visit. If you achieve this goal, something good will happen to you. Since this is your first go, fill the box with 7 crops or more!
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