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Goal of the game: spin and move from college to retirement and experience what life has to offer. Once everyone's retired, the player with the highest score wins. College - pay 100k to level-up your education! You'll get a better job and experience. Career - get a job now and earn your salary sooner!
But this time it's not just about the money, it's about who you choose to be: knowledge, happiness, wealth. There are different moments in which knowledge, happiness, wealth attributes can bea earned.
By collecting attributes you can increase your final score. Whether you choose to get more money or to get more attributes, it's up to you.

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hack The Game of Life 2 Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): It's time to choose a job. There are 3 levels of education: career, college, master's degree. By improving your education, you'll be able to choose jobs with better salaries.

cheat Step #2: Lucky number - a job gives you a lucky number! When someone spins your star, they'll pay you 50k. But if you spin your own star, you get your bonus form the bank.
Which way to go? Stay single: stay on your path to get knowledge; start your family to get happiness.

code Step #3:On house space you can buy a house, or sell a house if you already have one house. Build a house is expensive, but you will get wealth and can always sell it later.
When selling a construction you have 6 offers, each hidden inside an envelope. Open an envelope to reveal the offer, and if you like it you can sell your house.

The Game of Life 2 Step #4: If you don't like the offer, you can choose another envelope and try again. However, if you do try again, the previous offer will no longer be available. You have 3 attempts to open envelopes! However, if you only sell your houses after retirement, you can only quick sell them for the first offer you pick.

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  • 2. Retirement and final score: choose how to proceed with your life - choose pension to rest and keep spinning on your turn for more money! Choose bucket list to pursue your dreams and keep spinning on your turn for more attributes.
  • 3. The game ends when everyone is retired. The final score will be calculated based on the money and attributes you collected throughout your entire life!
  • 4. Each world has exciting collectables waiting to be unlocked. Collectables are cars, gear, and profile that you can unlock by completing puzzles. Each collectable is a puzzle of 6x pieces. For each piece you need to complete a specific in-game challenge. Tap on a puzzle to check what challenge awaits you for the next piece.
  • 5. Once you complete a puzzle, you will unlock a new items. This item will become available in the costumization menu for you to equip.
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