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The Goldbergs Back to the 80s Game story: it was 1980 - something, and our school was abuzz with two things - Menudo-mania. And something that could ruin me, my older brother, Barry, and my sister, Erica, the cool list! My name’s AI, but my grandkids Adam, Barry, and Erica call me “pops”. Speaking of my grandkids, after that “cool list” fiasco they are desperate to be popular. I’d bet they’re at a Hangout right now, working on some cockamamie plan to impress the cool kids. Quick, to the computer lab!

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Why are we wasting time in the computer lab? Nobody here is cool! Computers are cool! And i’ve created a program that’ll show us how to move up the cool list! To quantify things, i’m meansuring our reputation in something i call “cool points”. So by using cool points, more new friends will join us in the Hangout. ANd by getting more friends we’ll get even more cool points. If my calculations are correct. we’ll be at the top of the cool list in no time! Keep using cool points to add more friends. When you fill the friend meter, your cool points will double, triple. or more.

The Goldbergs cheats, hack codes

Barry’s gonna need a lot of cool points if he wants to start a hangout at the Gym. Upgrade showdown power characters to win better prizes. All character and hangout upgrades are permanent, so you can earn cool points even faster in the next episode! Making friends one-by-one can take a while, but Adam, Erica, and Barry are smart! They found a way to make friends to the MAX! When you automate a hangout you can collect cool points even when the game is not running.
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You need tapes to upgrade characters and hangouts. You can earn them from packs or buy them in the storer. Upgrading a hangout makes it give you more cool points - not just in the current episode, but forever. Be the most popular, collect characters and 80s outfits. Get popular even offline, original stories relive the 80s!

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