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It’ll be over when this bug is removed. But you need to stay focused until the end. Data synchronization complete. Today’s choice is Kyo Kusanagi. Synchronization status looks fine. But let’s check it anyway, just to be on the safe side. Can you try moving? Swipe the screen to move. YOu’re technically a bug since you’re entering via synchronization, which means i can’t stop the bug removal system from activating. It’s not a system i can deactivate on a whim. YOu’re going to have to think of this as light exercise before the final battle. Tap attack button to attack your opponent.

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Use the basic attack to defeat enemy monsters. Combo attacks can be performed by continuously tapping. You’re important to us too, okay? YOu’re the only one in the tuners who can engage in battle with the enemy in person! Make sure not to get yourself killed. If an enemy’s attack is too strong, then reduce the damage you take by blocking. The removal system will cease to function when you reach the end! Use the skills of the character you synced with to defeat enemies in your path! Skills can be used after cooldowns. Defeat the remaining enemies. Use skill to defeat the enemy quickly.

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This is the real game now. Stay focused until the end. It’s been a while since i last fought against an exciting opponent. This is going to be worth the wait. My name is Cheat-on, the host of this cheat code tournament. I’ve prepared the tournament to add to my collection. Take a look at those standing behind me. I have defeated each of them. You will soon join them as well. What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue? Are you ready? Please don’t disappoint me. Don’t forget...the name of this tournament is the king of fighters. All of the world’s top fighters gather in one place with invitations in hand! It’s a tournament to find out who the ultimate fighter is! If you complete in the tournament, you’ll get exposure to the public, and that means someone might recognize you and contact you! You have a point, but i have to be skilled enough to enter the tournament. Skill won’t be a problem for now. We have to get our hands on an invitation first. I heard only invited fighters can complete.
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Characters tier list: Noah (mysterious girl) - this nosy girl has an overbearing sense of justice. Ein (the leader of the tuners) - is always sleep deprived due to excessive workload. Kaya (the free spirited tuner) - she does what she’s supposed to do with no ambition or sense of duty. Kyo Kusanagi - is the true heir of the Kusanagi Clan and their ancestral arts. Despite his seemingly rude and arrogant demeanor, he has an innate gift for fighting, and can reduce any of his opponents into ashes via his pyrotechnic skills.
Ryo Sakazaki - runs the karate dojo founded years ago by his father, Takuma. Having trained every day since childhood, Ryo is now acknowledged as one of the most skilled karate practitioners of his time, and is often referred to as the “invincible dragon”.
Terry - joined the world of martial arts and combat sports in order to avenge the death of Jeff Bogard, his adoptive father who was murdered by the evil Geese Howard. Always cheerful and ready to help others, Terry is adored by the children of SOuth Town as a hero.

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Please select a graphic setting type for smooth gameplay. You can configure settings through the in game options. High: smoother display of movement, may increase battery usage compared to medium mode. medium: average display of movement, may conserve battery.
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