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Hey, to get to the mercenaries camp you need to finish a test. Move joystick by big finger of left hand to run. Move forward and collect spare parts. We left a weapon for you! Come closer, and take it!
Zombies! Move right joystick by big finger or right hand to aim. Catch zo,bie into green cone to start shooting. Press and move the right stick to aim. Defeat enemies!

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hack The Last Stand Zombie Survival Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):It is enough parts to craft a new weapon. Use pass, unlock vip account: no ads (including daily bonuses)! Open boxes two times faster. X2 stars, bucks and XP after battle. VIP spray and gold nickname. 3 unique costumes. Daily medkits, traps and grenades.

cheat Step #2: Play one battle to unlock access to mercenaries camp! Battle royale - after zombies day, world's government started a new show for survivors - the last stand. The main goal is to become the last survivor in the battle with other mercenaries.

code Step #3:Pull for aiming fire (+20$ to damage), press 1 time for a single shot. Press and hold for auto attack. Keep white line close to opponent to maximize damage.

The Last Stand Zombie Survival Step #4: Blueprint + springs/bolts = advanced weapon. Battle pass - earn glory by participating in battles and completing tasks. Increase your season level and receive unique rewards. Discover new battle tasks every day. Purchase elite pass to receive ultimate rewards.

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  • 1. Hack cheats:
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    soldier’s box - #wFdUYgI7g
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  • 2. Create your unique character. Collect immense arsenal. Upgrade your weapons. Find weapons to survive. Fluid & intuitive controls.
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